GDBBM – Chapter 709

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Chapter 709: “Prepping for the Counter (8)”

“We are not supposed to know of the existence of the Three Realms. But it wasn’t too long ago that my grandson’s illness was cured by our Young Miss Jun and the worry that had plagued my heart for the longest of time was finally dispelled, which unexpectedly allowed me to achieve an astounding breakthrough to the purple spirit.” Wen Xin Han said unhurriedly, letting out a long sigh.

Even Wen Xin Han himself had not expected that he would be able to breakthrough to the exalted purple spirit.

Jun Wu Xie had not only saved his grandson’s life, but she had also dissolved the knot in his heart which allowed him to be able to reach such unimaginable heights.

And about a month after Wen Xin Han attained the purple spirit, a mysterious person had suddenly appeared at the place he resided at. Wen Xin Han had lived in seclusion deep within the mountains for a long time and the location he resided in was concealed and he had never mentioned it to anyone before but that man had still managed to find him. Before Wen Xin Han was able to ask him anything, that man had immediately attacked him.

Wen Xin Han had just broken through to the purple spirit level at that time and his spirit power had just increased greatly. He had thought he would be able to take his opponent down easily but unexpectedly, even after battling for an entire period of three days and three nights, they were still unable to determine a winner. It was only when both of them were no longer able to continue fighting and they both stopped that the battle was able to end.

The man had thereafter issued Wen Xin Han am invitation and told him about the Three Realms.

It was only at that time that Wen Xin Han got to know that the land they were all in her was called the Lower Realm, and above them, there was a place they called the Middle Realm. That mysterious man then claimed he came from the Middle Realm, from a place called the Temple of the Dragon.

According to that man, only those who broke through and attained the purple spirit would be qualified to enter the Middle Realm and all individuals who had managed that in the Lower Realm in times past would have received an invitation from the Middle Realm, which explained why the purple spirits that had appeared in the Lower Realm in the past would somehow disappear after a time, and the invitation’s validity would stand for a year.

Within a year, if Wen Xin Han agreed to it, he would inform them by writing and they would then make arrangements to receive Wen Xin Han into the Middle Realm.

If Wen Xin Han wanted to reject them, he didn’t need to do anything and the offer would lapse once the one year’s time ran out.

In the long history of the Lower Realm, there had been quite a number of purple spirits. But after gaining unsurpassing fame, those purple spirits had always disappeared without a trace. Only a rare one or two purple spirits would continue to appear in people’s rumours and in the end, the number of purple spirits further diminished in the Lower Realm till Wen Xin Han became the first person in the past century to receive an invitation from the Middle Realm.

The man who issued Wen Xin Han the invitation had promised, that as long as Wen Xin Han accepted it, he would be able to pursue unparalleled power, power that was stronger even than the purple spirit.

To have attained the purple spirit, one must have pursued power to outdo themselves relentlessly their whole lives, and the promise of letting them achieve more power that overshadowed what they held was indeed greatest temptation to them.

“That man looked to have turned forty just not too long ago and he was already fighting on equal footing with me. That had made me curious how such a young man had been able to hold such strong power but he instead told me it wasn’t just him, but even their teenage kids in the Middle Realm were able to do it. As for Gu Ying, although I had not seen how strong or weak his spirit power is normally, I had once observed the purple spirit power he released and thought that anyone who was able to hold such power an age so young must have come from the Middle Realm.” Wen Xin Han sighed upon saying. He had not wanted himself to be drawn into in the conflict within the Zephyr Academy because there were people from the Middle Realm involved and he did not want to poke his nose into their affairs.

“Young Miss Jun, unless absolutely necessary, it is best not to provoke people from the Middle Realm.” Wen Xin Han was genuinely looking out for Jun Wu Xie. Having seen the might of the Middle Realm, Wen Xin Han, though already a purple spirit, did not dare be too confident anymore.

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