GDBBM – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: “Love (2)”

“You’re very noisy.” Jun Wu Xie furrowed her brows.

“……………………..” Mo Qian Yuan’s face stiffened.

Jun Wu Xie looked up as she retreated her hand from his wrist and happened to meet his gaze.

“There’s an immense amount of toxins accumulated in your system. You’ve been poisoned for quite a long time, as for your body, I can treat it and have you well again. However, I’m unable to determine the source of the poison. To completely rid yourself from this, you’ll have to find out it and eliminate it to prevent this or else you will be caught up in this mess again.”

Although this man was nearing death’s door, how come he still had so many thoughts? He had been going at it for almost half a day as he chattered on incessantly.

“………………” Mo Qian Yuan was rendered speechless once again. This girl had regarded everything he talked about as ‘noise’.

In the end what was up with her? She was the very person who asked him to seize the throne but she was not interested one bit in how he did it?


“How you want to go about it is your problem, I’m only a doctor.” She looked at him with a blank expression.

Mo Qian Yuan threw his head back in laughter.

This Young Miss of the Lin Palace was really something! How old was she only? She’s so young but she could be so calm and collected, more than that, her thoughts ran so deep. Yes, she was absolutely right. How he went about it was his own problem. If he succeeded, Lin Palace would be celebrated and hailed as loyal supporters. If he failed, he would be the only one to bear the consequences, he had no relationship between Lin Palace and Jun Wu Xie.

“Jun Wu Xie, you’re really smart and can be so cruel at the same time.” He laughed wryly.

Jun Wu Xie looked at him, not easing any of her wrinkled brows.


[Mistress, he must have misunderstood what you meant! This imbecile…]

For Little Black, it had been with Wu Xie for the longest time and it understood Wu Xie the most. It very clearly knew that she had no other meaning when she said that. She definitely wasn’t scheming anything like what the idiot Prince was thinking about. All she really meant was that these things would be better handled by the Prince who was more experienced in these matters. Now all that she needed to do most was to get him back in shape so that he could put up a good fight.

The Crown Prince who had been brought up in the tangled Royal Palace where schemes ran amok so frequently as if having a regular meal, his way of thinking was conditioned to survive in such a treacherous place.

To simply put it, these two were on totally different wavelengths.

This little misunderstanding had caused Mo Qian Yuan to have the impression that Jun Wu Xie was a very resourceful and an adept natural-born conspirator for a long, long, time to come in the future.

Not wanting Mo Qian Yuan to have any further strange thoughts, Jun Wu Xie rebutted: “Stop talking so much nonsense. If you want to live properly, you’ll have to find the source of the poison.”

Mo Qian Yuan sighed softly: “Truth be told, when my body was getting weaker by the day, I had also faintly guessed that I may have been poisoned. In fact, only after you asked me last night was when I finally confirmed my suspicion. I do not know the source of the poison as well.” He smiled bitterly, if he knew what the source was, he wouldn’t let himself be in such a dire situation.

Jun Wu Xie took out a small porcelain bottle and handed it over to him. “You’ve been poisoned by the wheat night flower. Drink this and if you’re in contact with any extract of this flower, you will have a reaction.” To find the source of the poison was child’s play to her as she knew the method. However, she didn’t want to use it herself.


The reaction she mentioned earlier was really too disgusting!

She definitely did not want to experience it herself.

Jun Wu Xie convinced Mo Qian Yuan to drink it as he downed the contents of the whole bottle in a few gulps. Immediately after, he got up and started searching the room thoroughly.

Mo Qian Yuan searched it through once and couldn’t find anything suspicious. He combed through every nick and cranny.

Nothing was found.

The always dignified Prince was now in his own quarters sniffing and scurrying about like a rat. This made Jun Wu Xie speechless.

Should she have told him that the extract of the wheat night flower could not withstand being exposed for an extended period of time and hence he would not be able to find it on all those items he just tried searching?

Looking at the current Prince who was  busy searching through his clothes as he studied each single one of them intently, she decided to keep this to herself for the time being.

Exercising more would also aid the detoxification process.

Ah, yes, that’s it.

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