GDBBM – Chapter 708

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Chapter 708: “Prepping for the Counter (7)”

Wen Xin Han said with a warm smile: “The words of Wen Xin Han would always count.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded, satisfied with the answer she got.

“I do not need you to give me your life, I will need to make use of your life to win me another person’s life.” Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed.

“Please tell me what I must do.” Wen Xin Han asked without a moment’s hesitation. He did not even bother to probe further and he agreed to it immediately. It could be seen from here how the Wen Family’s reputation of unwavering loyalty had come about.

With Wen Xin Han’s status and his power, he could very well choose not to honour the promise he made to Jun Wu Xie. The strength and power of a true purple spirit was immeasurable and even the Lin Palace itself might not be able to demand that from the current Wen Xin Han, but Wen Xin Han had nevertheless chosen to honour his promise.

That was a trait that Jun Wu Xie deeply respected. Jun Wu Xie was glad her grandfather had not misjudged Wen Xin Han then and the Wen Family were indeed people of integrity.

“There’s no rush. There are a few things I need to ask you.” With Wen Xin Han’s assuring reply, Jun Wu Xie was no longer anxious. Now that she was sure that Wen Xin Han was on her side, all that was left to do was to gather more information about the enemy and wait for an opportunity to strike!

“Please ask.” Wen Xin Han replied patiently.

Gu Li Sheng was watching without being able to say a word from the side. Jun Wu Xie was without a doubt the calmest and most collected little one he had ever seen. Facing a purple spirit, Jun Wu Xie had unreservedly accepted Wen Xin Han’s offer of obeisance and her words had even made Wen Xin Han submit to her requests. Looking at the way Wen Xin Han was acting, he seemed to have absolutely no qualms or doubts with what Jun Wu Xie was asking of him. Gu Li Sheng found himself in complete awe of Jun Wu Xie’s dominating capabilities that was able to even make a character like Wen Xin Han submit to her.

“Erm….. Why don’t we all sit down first?” Gu Li Sheng asked cautiously after clearing his throat.

Without knowing the reason, Gu Li Sheng suddenly felt rather small before the Jun Wu Xie and Wen Xin Han.

With Wen Xin Han, it might still be easy to explain, he was a purple spirit after all. Throughout the expansive vast lands, few if any were able to negotiate on equal terms with Wen Xin Han. But Jun Wu Xie was only just a young youth and Gu Li Sheng found that he was not able and he had never been, to put up an air of being an elder before her.

Jun Wu Xie and Wen Xin Han nodded to each other to take a seat and Jun Wu Xie did not waste time by immediately saying: “In the period that Senior Wen has been in the Zephyr Academy, you must have gained a clear understanding of everything that goes on within the grounds. I am sure Senior Wen must have noticed that the person outside that door possesses extremely strong power and isn’t just an ordinary youth. I would like to ask, in the time that you were here, have you noticed any person holding a similar or higher level of power than him here?”

Wen Xin Han was surprised, never having expected that Jun Wu Xie would ask something like this. He thought about it a moment before shaking his head.

“That youth Gu Ying has a rather strange kind of spirit power and in the Zephyr Academy, I have only seen his spirit power like that and have not seen any others.”

Wen Xin Han’s words matched what Ye Sha had observed in the recent days within the Zephyr Academy. Besides Gu Ying, there were no other people from the Middle Realm and Jun Wu Xie had wanted Wen Xin Han to further affirm it to be sure. Afterall, Wen Xin Han had been in the Zephyr Academy for more than two weeks and what he knew would be more than the information Ye Sha had gathered in the past few days.

With Wen Xin Han’s confirmation, the murderous glint seething in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes no longer needed to be hidden.

“Young Miss Jun….. Don’t tell me you intend….. to make a move on Gu Ying?” Wen Xin Han’s expression was a little heavy hearted as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie was about to say something but when she noticed Wen Xin Han’s strange expression, she swallowed it back down and instead asked: “Is there something bothering Senior Wen?”

Wen Xin Han’s brow creased up, looking a little concerned as he stared at Jun Wu Xie. He hesitated for a long while but finally still opened his mouth.

“Does Young Miss Jun know about the Three Realms?”

Jun Wu Xie’s heart jumped.


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