GDBBM – Chapter 707

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Chapter 707: “Prepping for the Counter (5)”

Wen Xin Han had not opened his mouth, but that voice had reached Jun Wu Xie’s ears.

Voice transmission through the spirit!

That was a skill only the purple spirit can use!

Jun Wu Xie looked at Wen Xin Han whom she had not seen for some time. She noticed that Wen Xin Han’s looks had not changed in the slightest, but the commanding and imposing air he exuded into the space around him now, it was vastly different from before!

Just by standing there, Wen Xin Han’s mere presence was already making them feel an invisible oppressive force pressing down on them.

From an indigo spirit to the purple spirit, it was only one step away. But the span of that one single step, was an impossible leap for an innumerable and countless number of people!

Jun Wu Xie did not immediately answer Wen Xin Han’s query. Her gaze turned slightly towards the door and Wen Xin Han said in understanding: “I have already used my spirit power to isolate us. He will not be able to hear a word of our conversation.”

When Wen Xin Han spoke, his eyes were discreetly measuring the petite sized youth before him. The youth was perceived to be a little on the small side compared to others his age, and a tad too skinny. And that face with his delicate features was different from the one in his memory that was able to bring down cities and lay countries into ruin. But somehow, when Wen Xin Han looked into that pair of chilling eyes cold as autumn waters, he could not help but find them extremely familiar.

Exactly like those he saw that day, the very same set of eyes on that young lady!

“Has your grandson recovered well?” Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at Wen Xin Han. Her first question already caused Wen Xin Han to be taken aback.

[She knows!] [She is really from the Lin Palace afterall?]

Wen Xin Han wiped away the surprise in his eyes and nodded slightly.

“Very much better, and he will only need a little more nursing to make a complete recovery.”

Gu Li Sheng stared at Wen Xin Han in great surprise before he turned to stare at Jun Xie in confusion. He had known about Wen Xin Han’s grandson’s affliction and for that, Wen Xin Han had even served the Qing Yun Clan for a time. But after the Qing Yun Clan disappeared, there had been no news about Wen Xin Han ever since. And hearing the conversation between the two people, it seems that Wen Xin Han’s grandson has recovered?

“You pledged on that day that if the elixir is able to save your grandson’s life, you would henceforth owe me your life. Do you still stand by your own words?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Even the highly revered Wen Xin Han, could not help but show an expression of utter shock on his wizened face.

Those words, he would naturally still remember them. And what he remembered even more distinctly, was to whom he had said those very words to!

“You are Jun Wu Xie? The Young Miss of the Lin Palace?” Wen Xin Han’s eyes suddenly flashed in joyous surprise.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

With Jun Wu Xie’s nod in agreement, Gu Li Sheng suddenly found himself turned to stone. He could only stare in wide eyed astonishment at Jun Wu Xie, his mind a complete and utter blank.

[Lin Palace?] [Jun Wu Xie?] [Just what is going on here?]

Wen Xin Han immediately bowed in greeting before Jun Wu Xie. “I would like to proffer my utmost gratitude to the Jun Family’s Young Miss for lending a hand to have saved my grandson’s life! I had intended to go present my humble self before the doors of the Lin Palace to express my immeasurable gratitude to you but I gathered from the Duke that the Young Miss would not be in the Palace for a period and I had been filled with regret. And I had not expected to be able to meet the Young Miss here! Please allow Wen Xin Han to pay my obeisance here!”

Immediately, Wen Xin Han quickly dispersed his oppressive spirit aura and bowed deeply before Jun Wu Xie.

Gu Li Sheng was about to lose his mind.

Wen Xin Han was the most highly revered and most highly skilled exponent as being the first person in the last century to have been able to achieve a breakthrough to the exalted purple spirit! Such an esteemed and worshipped individual was actually bowing in unhesitant deferment, lowering his eminent self before Jun Wu Xie, a kid younger than his own grandson…..

Gu Li Sheng’s mind was spinning out of control, he seriously suspected whether his eyes were playing tricks on himself!

[An exalted purple spirit, before a little lass in her teens, was not only dispensing with all the protocols of formalities, he was even bowing and humbling himself here…..] [Has the world really gone mad?]

“There’s no need. I only need to ask you whether your words still stand.” Jun Wu Xie was not concerned whether Wen Xin Han was grateful to her, what she cared about was whether he was a man who stood by his word!

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