GDBBM – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69:”Love (1)”

Mo Qian Yuan really was very efficient. Just right after his banquet, the very next morning using the pretext of ‘Wu Xie and I really hit it off’ as the reason, he invited Jun Wu Xie to the palace.

The biggest reaction came from Jun Xian and Jun Qing. They did not understand why did Mo Qian Yuan suddenly invited Jun Wu Xie over, what was even more surprising was that Jun Wu Xie had expressed her intention of accepting the invite. They could only helplessly let her go as she pleased.

It was noon as Jun Wu Xie sat across Mo Qian Yuan in his study, with one hand on his wrist, taking his pulse.

“Your grandfather actually let you come?” Mo Qian Yuan asked with an incredulous tone as he propped his chin with the other hand looking at Jun Wu Xie who was concentrating on his pulse.

Lately the Royal Family had not been too kind towards Lin Palace, with such strained tension in the air, he was surprised that Jun Xian had allowed Jun Wu Xie to come alone.

Jun Wu Xie did not look up as she continued on with her diagnosis: “With a prince that is deemed a good for nothing, what’s there to be afraid of.”

“…………………………” Mo Qian Yuan’s mouth twitched slightly, this little girl’s mouth was really poisonous. He glanced over at the ‘little’ black cat that was curled up on her feet as he recalled everything that happened last night. He involuntarily gulped as he still had lingering fear of that black fur ball as his heart pounded faster.

“Come to think about it, if I had a strong enough backing and held quite a bit of power, Lin Wang would surely stop you from making any contact with me to avoid arousing any suspicion. However my status now is that of a Crown Prince that’s going to lose his own crown, no smart person would want to have anything to do with me.” He chuckled.

Lin palace held half of the country’s military might and if they formed close ties with the Crown Prince, at first glance, this was a very powerful alliance.

However if thought through carefully, it was a sinking ship with two ailing tigers on it.

“Can you guess… What reason did I tell him that made him consent to your visit?” Mo Qian Yuan looked at her with a pair of bright eyes. Privately, he did not want to call that man Imperial Father.

Jun Wu Xie ignored him as she continued on what she was doing.

Mo Qian Yuan continued excitedly: “I told him that I fell in love with you.”

Jun Wu Xie finally raised her head, but her eyes had not the slightest trace of surprise in them. She just looked at him with a pair of clear eyes.

“So, you are prepared to let him think that you have caught interest in someone that was discarded by Mo Xuan Fei?”

“…………………………….”  When she said this, he was completely defeated and lost all reason to retort her. Mo Qian Yuan laughed bitterly as he looked at her dumbfoundedly.

“Do you always speak like that? Do you always speak in such a ruthless manner even to yourself?” Why was she so hard even to herself? Using terms like ‘discarded’ so easily on herself. Mo Qian Yuan felt that his brother was really stupid and the biggest mistake was letting go of Jun Wu Xie.

The past Jun Wu Xie may not have been that great but the Jun Wu Xie that was sitting across him now was the most intriguing woman he has ever met. Well, more accurately… young maiden.

A girl that dared to make a prince yield and even forced him to usurp the throne, what kind of guts did she possess?

“I’m just stating the facts.” She replied.

Mo Qian Yuan chuckled, shaking his head in exasperation. He really could not read her.

“During my birthday banquet when I had spoken up for you, all I wanted was to spite him. Who would have known that it’s the perfect cover now?” He chortled as he thought back to the expression that the Emperor had when he had told him about his feelings towards Jun Wu Xie. That look was priceless.

“The two people that he wants to get rid of most are now paired up, he should be so happy, right? Now he can kill two birds with one stone, won’t that be much easier?” He laughed at the very irony of it all.

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