GDBBM – Chapter 697

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Chapter 697: “Ominous Clouds Loom (4)”

Gu Li Sheng panicked and hastily blocked the door, his face breaking out with a layer of cold sweat.

“It’s someone from the Lin Palace! Someone from the Lin Palace asked me to come see you!”

Wen Xin Han’s expression changed slightly, and a strange look showed in his eyes. He was silent for a moment before he took a step back and finally said: “Come in and talk.”

Gu Li Sheng’s heart leapt. He had not been sure Jun Wu Xie’s words would actually work, but when he noticed Wen Xin Han’s reaction when he heard the words “Lin Palace”, hope immediately blossomed in his heart.

Gu Li Sheng went into the room and Wen Xin Han invited him to sit down on a chair.

“Is it really someone from the Lin Palace that asked you to come look for me?” Wen Xin Han asked, staring suspiciously at Gu Li Sheng, his sharp gaze on Gu Li Sheng almost making him feel like daggers were flying towards him.

Gu Li Sheng could feel an invisible force suddenly enveloping his body, and he found himself sweating profusely from fear.

[Is that what the oppressive aura from a purple spirit feels like?] [It’s just terrifying!]

“I….. I can’t be sure, but that is what he told me to tell you.” Gu Li Sheng did not dare tell any lies before Wen Xin Han. The consequences of deceiving a purple spirit was not something he was prepared to receive.

“He?” Wen Xin Han’s brow lifted. “Who’s he?”

“Jun Xie, his name is Jun Xie and he is a disciple of the Zephyr Academy.” Gu Li Sheng hastily replied.

When Wen Xin Han heard the words “Jun Xie”, his eyes flashed strangely once again.

[Jun Xie….. Jun Wu Xie…..] [Could it be that the person Gu Li Sheng was talking about is really the Young Miss from the Lin Palace?]

Wen Xin Han would never be able to forget, that little lass’ cold and determined eyes.

“How old is that person?” Wen Xin Han asked cautiously.

“Around fourteen to fifteen…..”

“Looks and features?”

“Delicate and attractive…..”
“Delicate? Attractive?” Wen Xin Han’s eyes narrowed to a slit. The young lady he remembered had been mesmerizingly beautiful, although that tiny face had still not fully grown, but her unbelievably captivating and enchanting features could already imprison entire cities, capturing the people’s heart with rapture.

Looks aside, the age was however exactly right, and the name differed only by one word.

Wen Xin Han did not say a single word and he remained quiet as his mind whirled.

“Senior Wen, his only request is for you to meet up at the Spirit Healer faculty at noon tomorrow.” Seeing that Wen Xin Han had fallen deep in thought, Gu Li Sheng discarded all of his various misgivings and just blurted Jun Wu Xie’s words straight out.

“Just for a meet up?”


“Alright, I’ll agree to it.” Wen Xin Han finally nodded.

Throughout the entire land, the people who knew that he had any link with the Lin Palace had all been buried six feet underground and turned into wandering ghosts.

If that person dared to make such a straightforward claim, he must somehow be linked to the Lin Palace itself.

Irregardless whether that person was Jun Wu Xie, Wen Xin Han decided he would meet up with him.

“I am so thankful to hear that!” Gu Li Sheng said, standing up excitedly. Few people in the world were able to make Wen Xin Han budge in the slightest, and as a highly respected purple spirit user, he was not just anybody. Wen Xin Han did not need to submit himself to anyone’s instructions and he could very well just do what he liked.

Having gotten Wen Xin Han to agree, allowed Gu Li Sheng to see a sliver of hope.

Before he left, Gu Li Sheng looked hesitatingly at Wen Xin Han and struggled with himself for a moment before he managed to say: “If your junior might just make an impetous request, I would like to ask Senior to agree to it.”

“What is it?” Wen Xin Han had due to his gratitude to the Lin Palace, softened his stance towards Gu Li Sheng.

“Fan Jin….. would never commit such an insidious crime. Your junior realises that the fact he is able to survive till this day is all due to Senior Wen’s protection. I would implore that Senior Wen continue to take some effort to ensure his safety. He….. is really a good child.” Gu Li Sheng pleaded through gritted teeth, as he bowed sincerely to Wen Xin Han.

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