GDBBM – Chapter 698

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Chapter 698: “Fan Qi’s Death (1)”

Wen Xin Han replied: “That is the son of my old friend, I would naturally watch over him.”

Gu Li Sheng smiled, and he was feeling much more relieved, as he took his leave respectfully.

In the tiny yard within the bamboo grove, Jun Wu Xie was explaining the basics of Spirit Healing to Gu Ying. Gu Ying sat upon a stool, listening attentively. With the murderous and cruel glint absent from his eyes, his looks, finally matched Gu Li Sheng’s prior description of him as an affable and modest disciple.

However, Jun Wu Xie was well aware of the fact that all of that was just a false facade.

Gu Ying followed under Jun Wu Xie’s guidance to experiment on the technique, while Jun Wu Xie discreetly observed Gu Ying’s every single action.

If there was just Gu Ying alone within the Zephyr Academy, Jun Wu Xie wouldn’t be too worried about it. But if there were others from the Twelve Palaces present, she was afraid that Ye Sha would not be able to take them all on alone. Before she was able to ascertain the number of enemies, Jun Wu Xie chose to just continue observing.

Ah Jing was wiping the tables and chairs on the side when he was distracted by the movements Gu Ying was making, Ah Jing turned to look over their way, a naive and ignorant expression on his face. He saw Gu Ying staring intently at his own hands, observing his spirit power on them. His gaze then drifted over to fall upon Jun Wu Xie, the muddled glaze in his eyes seemed to clear up very briefly, but he quickly lowered his head once more, busying himself with the chores without a word.

Gu Ying tried it a few times but was unable to transform his spirit power into soul power. The smile on his face was very gradually overtaken by a mask of viciousness. After failing at another attempt to transform his spirit power, Gu Ying raised up his hand and smashed it down upon the table before him, and the table splintered and broke under the force!

“This is truly something that only someone as intelligent as Senior will be able to grasp. By the way, Senior had a rather long chat with Gu Li Sheng earlier, what were you talking about?” Gu Ying’s eyes were starting to teem with a strange emotion.

“Asking him who you are.” Jun Wu Xie replied without emotion.

Gu Ying was surprised. He had thought Jun Wu Xie would find some other reason to attempt to pull wool over his eyes and did not expect Jun Xie to be so frank about it.

Although he did not hear what they spoke about, he was still able to guess that Jun Xie’s purpose of seeing Gu Li Sheng must have something to do with him.

“I am Gu Ying, a junior of yours in the Spirit Healer faculty. If Senior wants to know anything, Senior can just ask me directly, why would you go ask him?” Gu Ying said, beginning to laugh, as the strange emotion in his eyes grew in insuppressible intensity. “This thing that Senior is trying to teach me is really hard to understand. I think I should bring it to show Gu Li Sheng to see if he can help my clear up my confusion.”

As Gu Ying said those words, his gaze swept over Jun Wu Xie’s face. Seeing that her expression had not changed in the slightest, he smiled and stood up to leave.

As expected, he would become suspicious. Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed as she stared at Gu Ying’s departing back, a chill creeping into her heart.

When Jun Wu Xie led Gu Ying out of the Spirit Healer faculty, Gu Ying’s suspicions had been raised. But he has wanted to wait, for their plans to begin, before he would go back, to catch them redhanded.

“Ye Sha.” Jun Wu Xie summoned in a low voice.

Ye Sha’s figure suddenly appeared within the yard.

Ah Jing who was still cleaning up froze in place when he saw Ye Sha.

Ye Sha did not even spare Ah Jing a glance as he stoically knelt on one knee before Jun Wu Xie and said: “Your subordinate awaits the Young Miss’ orders.

“Has Gu Li Sheng returned?”

“Yes. Your subordinate saw him walk into the Spirit Healer faculty with my own eyes.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. The timing was just right. Even if Gu Ying rushed all the way back, he wouldn’t notice anything amiss.

The chess game, had barely just started!

Ye Sha surreptitiously retreated out of the house, just like he had when he came in, quickly disappearing among the shadows.

Jun Wu Xie got up, about to return to her room.

But a figure had at the same moment when she was standing up, suddenly rushed to come before her!

“Ah! Ah!” Ah Jing’s knees hit the floor with a loud thunk, as he knelt before Jun Wu Xie’s feet, as he frantically made anxious noises, sounding like pleading wails.

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