GDBBM – Chapter 696

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Chapter 696: “Ominous Clouds Loom (3)”

Despite the ability to raise your spirit power level to attain the purple spirit employed by people in the Middle Realm, there would still be a huge disparity when compared to the power a true purple spirit commanded, and hence, that was why Gu Ying was reluctant to directly oppose Wen Xin Han.

“Is there a way, to meet with Wen Xin Han?” Jun Wu Xie said slowly.

“Only when Gu Ying is not around, can I leave here. I went out of the Spirit Healer faculty once before, and in the time that I was not here, he killed two of my disciples. Those boys had been with me for such a long time and had addressed me as their Master for just as long. I was really heartbroken that they died so senselessly in Gu Ying’s hands.” Gu Li Sheng replied.

“I will draw him away, and you can then go seek Wen Xin Han out. Go tell him, that someone from the Lin Palace wants to see him, and ask him to come to your office at noon tomorrow.” Jun Wu Xie said, looking at Gu Li Sheng.

[At this moment, she needs to ensure that Fan Jin remains safe before she can make her next move.]

“You’ll draw him away? But….. wouldn’t that be too dangerous?” Gu Li Sheng asked, looking at Jun Xie worriedly.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head. She might not be a match for Gu Ying, but she had not forgotten that she still had Ye Sha. Ye Sha had affirmed that he would be able to take down Gu Ying and Jun Wu Xie did not need to consider anything else.

“Al….. right….” Gu Li Sheng finally nodded solemnly. Although he did not know what Jun Wu Xie intended to do, but a voice inside him was telling him that he would not go wrong listening to Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie did not say anything else to Gu Li Sheng to prevent spooking the enemy. She came out of the office quickly and she found Gu Ying staring at her with a big wide smile on his face.

“Finished already?” Gu Ying asked, an eyebrow raised.

Jun Wu Xie looked at him calmly and asked: “You want to learn Spirit Healing?”

Gu Ying smiled and replied: “Of course, or why would I be here?”

“Alright, I’ll teach it to you.” Jun Wu Xie said and immediately walked down the stairs. Gu Ying stared at Jun Wu Xie’s back and a strange smile played over his lips before he took a step to catch up.

Gu Li Sheng stood by the window, seeing Jun Wu Xie leading Gu Ying out of the Spirit Healer faculty. Seeing Gu Ying leave, Gu Li Sheng finally realised that he had had his fists tightly clenched for a long while and his palms were soaking wet with sweat.

After making sure that Gu Ying was gone and he would not be back for some time, Gu Li Sheng quickly walked out of the Spirit Healer faculty. Before he left, he did not forget to leave instructions for all the disciples in the Spirit Healer faculty, to not mention a single word to anyone, that he had stepped out. He ordered all of them to go back into the faculty building and not to move around too much.

The disciples were all mortally terrified of Gu Ying and Gu Li Sheng was their only pillar of support. Gu Li Sheng’s orders, would definitely be obeyed.

Fan Jin had been imprisoned in his own room, and Wen Xin Han’s room was right next to it. As Fan Jin was suspected of the grievous crime of having murdered the Headmaster, the entire floor had been cleared out and all the other disciples had moved away from there. When Gu Li Sheng went there, there wasn’t a single soul present and all the disciples were in their respective classes at that time.

Based on his own memory, Gu Li Sheng came to a door in the center of the third floor. He drew in a deep breath before he knocked on the door.

The door was quickly opened and an old man with a head of fully white hair appeared before Gu Li Sheng. Although his hair had already turned all white, the old man did not display a single sign of frailty and his eyes were even shockingly sharp and penetrating.

“You are?” Wen Xin Han stared at the slightly familiar young man before his eyes and tried to recall his identity.

Gu Li Sheng quickly replied: “I am Gu Li Sheng from the Spirit Healer faculty. I have been entrusted with the task to come pay my respects to Senior Wen. I implore Senior Wen to allow me to step in to talk.”

Wen Xin Han’s brow creased up slightly and he said unaffectedly: “No matter who entrusted you with it, I have no interest in the affairs of the Zephyr Academy.” Immediately after saying that, Wen Xin Han quickly wanted to close the door.


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