GDBBM – Chapter 695

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Chapter 695: “Ominous Clouds Loom (2)”

When Gu Ying first came to the Spirit Healer faculty, he had not displayed any abnormalities in his behaviour and he would even frequently approach Gu Li Sheng smilingly to ask many things about the Spirit Healing Technique. Although Gu Li Sheng did not really like Ning Rui, but he believed in never rejecting a smiling person’s plea for help. Gu Ying had been modest and polite and hence, Gu Li Sheng had given him some simple instructions and did not pay him much heed after that. It was a few days after Gu Ying was accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty that the Headmaster Fan Qi had suddenly died, and Fan Jin had been apprehended as the killer. If Wen Xin Han had not arrived in time, Fan Jin would have been executed by now.

And it was after that happened that Gu Ying’s behaviour changed to become impudent and recalcitrant, not even holding back on his deplorable actions even in the Spirit Healer faculty, having already killed two Spirit Healer faculty disciples.

And within the entire Zephyr Academy disciple body, the number of people who had died tragically under his hands had grown innumerable.

That was when Gu Li Sheng noticed that the always smiling youth was in fact a terrifying devil under that facade.

“Who did you say saved Fan Jin?” After Jun Wu Xie finished hearing Gu Li Sheng out, her eyes lit up.

“Wen Xin Han, a honourary dean of the Zephyr Academy. He was personally invited here by the Headmaster Fan Qi himself and I don’t know why he would come here all of a sudden at such a time. But it is fortunate that he is here or I don’t know just how much worse the situation in the Zephyr Academy would have gotten. It is rather strange though, Wen Xin Han was originally an indigo spirit before and he actually came back here this time having attained the purple spirit. That really astounded everyone.” Gu Li Sheng elaborated.

“Wen Xin Han…..” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed in thought. That name was not strange to her. Among the entourage of Qin Yu Yan’s highly skilled exponents, wasn’t there one person who went by that name? And at that time, with a word from Jun Xian, Jun Wu Xie had gifted Wen Xin Han with an elixir to ask him to leave the battle.

Never had she thought, after so long, she would meet Wen Xin Han here once more!

Jun Wu Xie could not help but ask a little bit more about Wen Xin Han.

Gu Li Sheng wasn’t about to hide anything from Jun Wu Xie and he told her everything he knew.

Although Wen Xin Han was here, he did not want to interfere with the other affairs of the Zephyr Academy but on account of his friendship with Fan Qi, he was only fighting to keep Fan Jin alive and he did not want to involve himself in anything else.

“If it is said that Fan Qi was really killed by Fan Jin, I will never ever believe a single word of it. That boy Fan Jin has a heart just too honest and righteous, and he just isn’t capable of a deed so utterly devoid of conscience.” Gu Li Sheng sighed helplessly. If this was the same Zephyr Academy as before, he might still have been able to step forward to say a thing or two. But now, with Gu Ying frequently appearing in the Spirit Healer faculty nowadays, Gu Li Sheng was worried if he were to step out from the faculty grounds leaving the place unwatched, Gu Ying would not hesitate to massacre every single disciple in the Spirit Healer faculty.

Having witnessed Gu Ying’s crazed and merciless cruelty, Gu Li Sheng did not doubt it in the slightest that he was capable of it.

Gu Li Sheng was caged in, his movements carefully scrutinised by Gu Ying.

Jun Wu Xie was silent for a moment, her mind considering all the clues she had gathered so far.

She had initially had her own doubts about the whole matter. Based on Ning Rui’s personality, after killing Fan Qi, he would not have allowed Fan Jin to survive till now. Gu Ying was cruel and merciless, and killing one more person would be easy as pie for him. In the entire Zephyr Academy, no one was a match for Gu Ying and it shouldn’t be a difficult task for him to execute Fan Jin. So why had Ning Rui left Fan Jin alive?

Now, Jun Wu Xie finally understood it.

It was because of Wen Xin Han!

For the past near hundred years, the appearance of the one and only honourary dean to have broken through to the purple spirit, had wrecked Ning Rui’s and Gu Ying’s plot, and Wen Xin Han‘s extraordinary power did not allow them to make any reckless moves!

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