GDBBM – Chapter 692

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Chapter 692: “Meeting Again (4)”

Having people from the Twelve Palaces appear in the Zephyr Academy and it happened at a time that coincided with Fan Qi’s sudden death. From these points, it was reasonable to think that Fan Qi’s death might not be as simple as it being just the result from Ning Rui’s plot alone. The Twelve Palaces themselves must have been involved as well!

Little wonder that Ning Rui would make his move so suddenly.

Jun Wu Xie walked out without a word, but in her heart, she was constantly analyzing all that was happening before her eyes.

Gu Ying’s appearance here had been unexpected. And from the clues he had unwittingly divulged, Jun Wu Xie guessed that the reason he had come here and revealed himself, with such a laughable and ludicrous line of reasoning saying she was his Senior, told her that his intention was to coax her into imparting the Spirit Healing Technique to him.

The Spirit Healing Technique was originally created by Gu Li Sheng and even in the Middle Realm, no one knew anything about it. The technique’s power would greatly entice any of the powers of the Middle Realm and after Jun Wu Xie successfully improved the Spirit Healing Technique, she suddenly found herself becoming Gu Ying’s target.

The Zephyr Academy had currently been turned into a huge melting pot of chaos.

Jun Wu Xie laughed to herself in her mind.

[It is a gamble on the Zephyr Academy’s fate, and the winner is still yet to be decided!]

Gu Ying watched Jun Wu Xie leave, and he lifted his foot and kicked Ah Jing to the side. The smile filled with mirth gradually faded from his face and it was slowly replaced but an unsuppressable murderous aura.

“That really….. left a bad taste in my mouth.” Gu Ying said softly to himself. He glanced at Ah Jing briefly and then turned to depart from the little bamboo grove.

“Young….. Young Master Gu…..” Waiting by the doors leading into the dwelling within the little bamboo grove, was a youth dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform. He was jittery and trembling with fear when he saw Gu Ying coming out through the doors, and his eyes were filled with undisguised terror.

Gu Ying looked at him and suddenly flashed him a brilliant smile. Before the youth could even react, Gu Ying suddenly raised up his hand and clutched at the youth’s throat!

A sharp snap resounded in the air and the youth did not even have time to struggle before his jugular was crushed. The white of the bones stuck out through the flesh around the crushed neck, and a great flow of bright red blood erupted from the wounds, completely covering over Gu Ying’s hand.

Gu Ying drew in a deep breath, breathing in the thick pungent stench of blood, and the smile on his face grew more brilliant.

“Now, I’m feeling better.”

Only such senseless slaughter, could give him such euphoric feelings!

The satisfied Gu Ying dumped the dead youth carelessly onto the ground and strode off quickly with wide steps.

Lying in his own pool of blood, the youth had even till the point of his death, not known how he had brought about his own death.

Gu Ying went directly to Ning Rui’s office and when Gong Cheng Lei, who had been standing guard outside saw Gu Ying, he hurriedly lowered his head and stepped to one side.

Gu Ying did not even look at him and just pushed the door to enter the office directly.

This office had originally belonged to Fan Qi and after his death, the ownership had quickly changed, becoming Ning Rui’s. Ning Rui was currently sitting behind the table and was staring blankly at a box filled with bone ash placed upon the table’s surface.

When he heard footsteps, Ning Rui looked up. He saw Gu Ying strutting in through the door, with no visible expression on his face.

Bringing Gu Ying into the Zephyr Academy, had been his ultimate last resort. But Gu Ying’s actions in the recently past days, had even terrified him.

It had not even been a month into Gu Ying’s arrival at the Zephyr Academy when more than fifty disciples of the Zephyr Academy had already died at his hands. Those disciples had never crossed Gu Ying, but Gu Ying had been feeling rather bored and those disciples had suddenly turned into wandering ghosts.

Ning Rui had met his fair share of cruel people, including himself. But none of them made him feel so creeped out like Gu Ying did.

In Gu Ying’s eyes, with the exception of himself, no one else was human, but just distractions to relieve him of his boredom.

The most scary people in the world, were people who did not see a life as a life, like him.

Ning Rui did not know anymore, whether his decision to bring Gu Ying into the Zephyr Academy was right or wrong.

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