GDBBM – Chapter 691

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Chapter 691: “Meeting Again (3)”

“Happy?” Gu Ying was looking at Jun Wu Xie as his dark black eyes danced with cruelty.

Jun Wu Xie finally knew under whose hands Ah Jing’s injuries had come from. She remained staring icily at Gu Ying and completely disregarded his words of provocation.

Gu Ying paused a moment.

“Seem like you aren’t too satisfied. But well….. people like these are just disgusting. Why don’t I help you kill him?” Gu Ying’s hand shifted to clasp his hand around Ah Jing’s neck and he tightened his grip!

Ah Jing’s face immediately turned purple!

“No need.” Jun Wu Xie finally spoke. “Let him go.”

She did not think Gu Ying was truly trying to help her to vent out her frustrations. Moreover, although there had been many rumours spread about her in the Zephyr Academy at that time, not a single one had originated from Ah Jing’s mouth. He had merely believed those malicious rumours and developed a sense of enmity against her. If Gu Ying expected her to believe that he was tormenting Ah Jing for his defamation of her name just like this, that would be such a joke!

What he really seeked, was not to satisfy Jun Wu Xie, but to sew of he can elicit fear to show in her eyes.

Gu Ying gave in to the request and released his hand and dress air rushed immediately into Ah Jing’s lungs. Ah Jing sat up up quickly and clutched at his chest, once again attempting to scramble in complete terror to go hide in the furthest corner at the back of the kitchen.

Gu Ying gave Ah Jing one glance and he raised up his foot to stomp down hard on Ah Jing’s belly!

“Did I say you can go?” Gu Ying asked Ah Jing, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

Ah Jing who had already lost his mind, was however still driven by that incredibly cruel pair of eyes into an uncontrollable shivering mass, as his face turned unbelievably pale, and he did not dare move anymore.

Gu Ying turned to face Jun Wu Xie once more and said with a big smile on his face: “Nevermind, I shouldn’t be dirtying my hands with such trash. If you feel that it is better to leave him alive, I’ll spare him. I just received news that you were back and I had immediately rushed over to come see you. I have not introduced myself yet. My name is Gu Ying, and I have just been admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty recently. From today onwards, I will be your junior and I am looking forward for my senior to guide me in future.”

[Junior?] Jun Wu Xie’s lips curled up into a very slight sneer.

“This was under Gu Li Sheng’s advice and I would implore Senior to not reject me.” Gu Ying had noticed Jun Wu Xie’s unwelcoming demeanor against him but he completely disregarded it.
[That sparkling pair of eyes with its chilly gaze, they were just as moving as when he has last seen them back at the Chan Lin Auction House.] [But…..] [What a shame, she needs to remain alive for awhile more. Those eyes, he will not be able to dig them out yet!]

“You want to learn the Spirit Healing Technique?” Jun Wu Xie caught the meaning behind Gu Ying’s words.

“That’s right.” Gu Ying replied, smiling easily.

“Release him first.” Jun Wu Xie said, looking at Ah Jing who was under Gu Ying’s foot.

Gu Ying instead replied: “I know my Senior doesn’t like to stay in the dormitory and my Senior likes this little yard in the bamboo grove. If my Senior really  wants to, you can just stay here. And in order to allow me to remain close to my Senior, I will naturally stay here as well. This piece of trash seemed to have served as a servant here at this place before, I’ll just let him continue to remain here to serve me and Senior then.”

It was rather obvious Gu Ying had before Jun Wu Xie’s return, dug out everything there was to know about Jun Wu Xie in the Zephyr Academy.

He even knew very well of Ah Jing’s misdeeds.

Jun Wu Xie stared at Gu Ying. Although she had learnt how to temporarily raise her power to the purple spirit, she knew she was still not a match for Gu Ying. If she made any rash moves there and then, she’s afraid that the one defeated would most definitely be her!

“Do as you wish.” Jun Wu Xie said indifferently and immediately turned to leave, unwilling to look at Gu Ying for a moment longer.

With Gu Ying’s appearance, it made Jun Wu Xie realize, that he could very possibly be from the Palace that was cooperating with Ning Rui, just like those two men in the Cloudy Peaks previously.

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    What a shame, she needs to remain alive for awhile more. Those eyes, he will not be able to dig them out yet!

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