GDBBM – Chapter 693

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Chapter 693: “Meeting Again (5)”

“You saw Jun Xie?” Ning Rui asked, spotting Gu Ying’s blood stained hand out of the corner of his eye. The blood was still wet and several drops of it had dripped onto the floor.

Gu Ying sat down on a chair on the side and he propped both his legs up onto the desk. He then looked at Ning Rui lazily and said: “I did, turned out he’s an old acquaintance.”

Ning Rui’s heart jumped and he looked at Gu Ying, his face quizzical.

Gu Ying laughed: “Such a shame, I had not thought he would turn out to be Jun Xie.”

Ning Rui did not dare say anything.

“I will be staying at the bamboo grove for awhile. You go look into Fan Zhuo’s whereabouts on your own, and if to need me to act, I will most definitely not refuse.” Gu Ying told Ning Rui.

“Alright.” Ning Rui nodded warily.

“Only Gu Li Sheng and Jun Xie need to remain behind in the Zephyr Academy and the rest can be sent to the Heaven’s End Cliff. When do you intend to carry that out?” Gu Ying asked Ning Rui, suddenly turning his gaze, as he rested his chin in his hand. “Fan Qi has been dead for quite some time and the Zephyr Academy is now under your sole control. How long more do you intend to drag this?”

Gu Ying was beginning to get a little impatient.

Ning Rui gulped and hastened to reply: “I am not dragging my feet. But….. Wen Xin Han is currently still here in the Zephyr Academy. I had originally planned to frame and put the blame for the murder of Fan Qi onto Fan Jin’s head which would have allowed me to get rid of Fan Jin at the same time before I spread the news of Fan Zhuo’s death after. I would have been able to legitimately become the Zephyr Academy’s Headmaster and have deployed all the disciples here to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff. But Wen Xin Han had returned right at that moment and taken Fan Jin under his protection. With him present, if I am to do anything too extreme, with his position as the honourary dean, he has the authourity to stop me.”

The reason Ning Rui had still not made his move, was not because he found his conscience, but it was due to the fact that under the honourary dean’s watchful eyes, his actions had been curtailed.

Gu Ying’s brow creased up. He had seen Wen Xin Han. Although he was already an old man past sixty, he was actually a purple spirit!

Although Gu Ying was able to temporarily raise his spirit power to the purple level, there would nevertheless still remain a certain gap of disparity between his power and that of a true purple spirit. Even as brazenly arrogant as he was, he still did not dare to confront Wen Xin Han in a fight.

“Didn’t you tell me Wen Xin Han possessed an indigo spirit?” Gu Ying retorted impatiently.

The Lower Realm had not seen a purple spirit in the past century. Where had this Wen Xin Han popped out from?

“That….. I do not really know. He really was an indigo spirit. I do not know how he had suddenly broken through to the purple spirit.” Ning Rui said helplessly.

Wen Xin Han’s unexpected arrival had completely messed up their plans and only Gu Ying alone from his group had come to the Zephyr Academy. The other few companions who had been together with Gu Ying were not around and with just Gu Ying’s power, it wouldn’t be quite enough to take on a true purple spirit.

And this was the only reason that had allowed Fan Jin to live till then.
Just one true purple spirit had forced Ning Rui and Gu Ying to have to reassess the whole situation.

“Think of a way to make him leave.” Gu Ying said impatiently.

Ning Rui then said in reply: “I have already arranged for people to look into it. Wen Xin Han has a grandchild, who is currently inflicted with a life threatening disease. He used to work together with the Qing Yun Clan in order to save his grandchild and now that the Qing Yun Clan has completely disappeared, and only the Cloud Treading Peak’s Mu Chen is left. I have gotten people to go seek out Mu Chen. Once we find him, we’ll share that news with Wen Xin Han and he will surely let his own grandchild’s life take priority and leave the Zephyr Academy to go find Mu Chen.”

Gu Ying nodded and simply said: “Just settle it quickly.”

“Yes.” Ning Rui answered.

Gu Ying got up to leave and when he reached the door, his footsteps suddenly stopped. He turned his head to look at Ning Rui and asked smilingly: “That chair that someone died in, aren’t you finding it a little too comfortable to sit in?”

Ning Rui froze and Gu Ying left laughing loudly.

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  1. Kai says:

    Used to be indigo rank, sickly grandchild, and worked for qing yun clan. Isn’t it that guy whom jwx gave medicine to????

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