GDBBM – Chapter 690

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Chapter 690: “Meeting Again (2)”

Gu Ying tilted his head sideways and his eyes surveyed Jun Wu Xie from head to toe, as a sinister smile played across his lips.

“Why? You don’t remember me?”

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and she discreetly put up her guard.

This person was more powerful than even Qiao Chu and the others, who was obviously from the Middle Realm. Although it was not certain whether the other party was from the Twelve Palaces’, this person had however previously at the auction house murdered a whole bunch of people without even blinking which revealed just how dangerous he could be.

What was someone from the Middle Realm doing appearing here?

Jun Wu Xie quickly noticed on Gu Ying’s body that he was dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform for disciples, and on his chest, he was even wearing the jade emblem of the Spirit Healer faculty!

“There’s no need to get so nervous, although I have said it before that your eyes are incredibly beautiful, but….. since you are Jun Xie, I will leave those eyes in your head for a while longer.” Gu Ying said with a smile, but his words however, sent chills up one’s spine.

Jun Wu Xie started icily as Gu Ying carried on with his monologue. Although she did not seem to detect any murderous intent from the other party, she still did not dare drop her guard against him.

When Gu Ying saw that Jun Wu Xie was not going to answer him, he proceeded to take a few steps forward.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Cowering within the straw pile, Ah Jing started to wail in horror shivering violently when he saw Gu Ying slowly walking towards the kitchen doors. Ah Jing was trying to scramble deeper into the straw pile and in his hapless struggle, pieces of straw flew into the air!

“Tsk. So you are still hiding here.” When Gu Ying saw Ah Jing’s wretched look, the wicked smile on his face widened even further.

He turned his head to look at Jun Wu Xie while pointing at Ah Jing and said: “You recognise him?”

Jun Wu Xie did not say a single word and her expression remained cold. She had not overlooked those heart rending wails that had erupted from Ah Jing who had already been driven crazy when he saw Gu Ying, that voice completely filled with terror.

“Hmm? You can’t remember?” Gu Ying was smiling as he continued to advance in his approach. The smile on his face was one of glee as he pulled Ah Jing out from under the straw. He dragged the vainly struggling Ah Jing over the icy cold floor by the hair to come right before Jun Wu Xie.

Ah Jing’s face was completely drained of colour and his mouth that was no longer capable of speech continued to let out a continuous string of pitiful wails.

“You seem to look rather different from before.” Gu Ying rubbed at his chin as he stared at the mess that Ah Jing was and his eyes suddenly flashed with a sinister glint. He dragged Ah Jing behind him as he took big strides to go towards the huge water urn at the side, and grabbing Ah Jing by the hair on the back of his head, he pushed Ah Jing into the urn!

Ah Jing struggled madly, but under Gu Ying’s overpowering force, Ah Jing’s feeble strength was reduced to become nothing.

Gu Ying’s eyes reveled in the sight of the struggling Ah Jing, as a glint of cruelty lit up within.

Just a split second before Ah Jing was about to drown in the water, Gu Ying finally reversed his merciless grip and pulled Ah Jing out.

“Maybe like this, you will be able to recognise him?” Gu Ying was grinning as he held up the dripping wet and pale faced Ah Jing before Jun Wu Xie.

The water from the urn had washed the dirt off Ah Jing’s face. That fairly fine featured looking face was pushed right before Jun Wu Xie’s eyes and the face was filled with terror, completely ashen.

“What do you want?” Jun Wu Xie asked, glaring coldly at Gu Ying.

Gu Ying replied with a laugh: “I heard that this kid had spoken badly of you quite a bit before. So….. I cut off his tongue.” Gu Ying placed his other hand under Ah Jing’s jaw and forced his mouth open, to reveal the short stump left of his severed tongue.

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