GDBBM – Chapter 689

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Chapter 689: “Meeting Again (1)”

In just a short two weeks, the dwelling in the little bamboo grove was already covered in a layer of dust. The once peaceful and tranquil little yard was already showing the very first signs of neglect.

Jun Wu Xie pushed open the doors leading into the tiny yard, walking slowly into the once familiar place.

Suddenly, she halted her steps in the middle of the yard, as her eyes swept towards the tightly locked doors to the kitchen.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed slightly and her figure blurred before the locked doors were  blasted open with a great kick the very next moment. The quick and agile figure moved like a mini hurricane within the interior and Jun Wu Xie’s hand closed upon another figure hidden within the pile of straw in the corner and picked him up!

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” A dirty and ragged figure was dragged out roughly by Jun Wu Xie.

The person’s arms were flailing vigorously in the air and unintelligible wails were emitting from his mouth.

“Ah Jing?” Jun Wu Xie looked through the dirt on the person’s face and finally recognized the person for who he was. She slowly released her grip and stared at the almost unrecognizably wretched looking Ah Jing.

Ah Jing’s once fairly fine featured face was now covered in dirt and dust, pieces of broken straw caught in his matted hair, and his clothes terribly messed up, looking completely different from his previous clean and neat self.

Ever since Ah Jing was driven out of the little bamboo grove by Fan Zhuo, Jun Wu Xie had not seen Ah Jing again. She only knew that Ah Jing had gone back to the Zephyr Academy and studied there as a disciple.

So, how did he come to appear here?

After regaining back his freedom of movement, Ah Jing scrambled like a frightened animal, shivering as he crawled and clawed his way, to hide himself back under the dirty pile of straw to cover himself, showing only a pair of eyes filled with terror and fright, as they looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed in thought. Ah Jing’s reaction was rather strange. Those eyes filled with undisguised horror was seemingly telling her they did not recognize her in the least, but just displayed plain terror and their wish to escape. Jun Wu Xie attempted to approach him a little and that only made Ah Jing wail loudly.

“Ah! Ah!” His wide open mouth revealed his half severed tongue and in terror, he clutched at bunches of straw around him and threw them onto Jun Wu Xie.

Someone had cut off Ah Jing’s tongue!

Jun Wu Xie stared at the crazed and insane Ah Jing and her face creased up into a frown. Her eyes scanned over Ah Jing and she discovered that it wasn’t only his tongue, but the little finger on his left hand had been broken off, presumably some time ago, as its neat cut had already scabbed over, but the filthy environment had caused the wound to become inflamed, where white pus and dark dirt were mixed together, smeared over his hands. There were even other wounds, big and small, around his neck area, similarly covered in dust and dirt, which were not obvious at first glance.

[What had Ah Jing been put through?] [His current demeanor, was showing he had completely lost his mind!]

Jun Wu Xie eyes continued to be fixed upon Ah Jing. In order to not agitate him into continuing to wail, Jun Wu Xie took a slight step backwards.

Although she did not appreciate Ah Jing’s slow wits and naivety, she did not deny Ah Jing’s unwavering loyalty to Fan Zhuo.

“You are Jun Xie?” A voice filled with mirth suddenly sounded behind Jun Wu Xie!

Jun Wu Xie swirled quickly. A sinisterly handsome looking youth had suddenly appeared about seven steps behind her!

And that was a face that Jun Wu Xie had seen before!

“So you are Jun Xie? What a coincidence.” The moment the youth had seen Jun Wu Xie, he had begun to smile uncontrollably. His already incredibly attractive face became even more dazzling because of that smile.

But, Jun Wu Xie was not exactly in the mood to appreciate anyone’s good looks.

Because, standing before her eyes, was the same youth she had seen at the Chan Lin Auction House that day, who had stirred up a bloody storm when he slaughtered those men!

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