GDBBM – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: “The Crown Prince (4)”

Mo Qian Yuan looked at Jun Wu Xie as his shocked expression gradually changed into a smile. He started laughing crazily.

“Hahahah! If you want, why not? Since they want to kill me, why can’t I do the same to them?Tell me, can you really save my life?” He stared intently at her, henow looked at her in a different light, she was no longer the outrageous superfluous young girl he had in mind.

“Of course.” Jun Wu Xie answered simply as her eyes showed determination.

“But it’s not enough.” He frowned. “There is no faction that will support me in the fight for the throne. Even if I’ve fully recovered, I have no way to wrest the throne from him. If he’s really intent on killing me, he has his ways.”

“There will be.” She replied blandly.

“Lin Palace will be your backing. Rui Lin Army will support you for this fight for the throne. But you do have to remember this one fact clearly – I can save your life, similarly, I can also take your life away. Our Lin Palace can support you to get the throne but we also have the power to drag you off it.”

When the crown changed, she needed someone with the Royal Bloodline to be the next in line, Lin Palace just needed to be in the shadows.

“Rui Lin Army…But…” He gave her a conflicted look. Jun Qing’s own situation was more precarious than his own. Who will lead them when he’s gone? Were they able to maintain the same might?

“You do not need to worry about these things. Just mind your own problems. If you want to live and exact your revenge, you have to accept the condition. If you want to die, I will not force you. That pill you ate just now can only relieve your discomfort temporarily, there’s too much toxins accumulated in your blood stream so we need more time to completely clear it.” She explained.

Mo Qing Yuan took a deep breath, he knew he had no choice as he’s been backed into a corner by his own family already. He still had to avenge this blood feud! Who cares what condition she threw at him, even if he had to brave through fire and hell he’d do it!

“I agree.” He made this life changing decision instantly.

“Very good, next time you’ll have to find some reason to meet up with me, I will slowly get rid of all the poison.” She looked at him in the eye before turning around as she softly said: “Mo Qian Yuan, you won’t regret this choice you made today.”

She carried the little black cat in her arms as she walked back towards the banquet hall.

Looking at her fading back, he clenched his fist tightly trying to suppress all the emotions that he was feeling now. Over the years, he had felt that his soul and mind was slowly breaking down into many pieces and he even considered giving up. Never had he thought that this day was possible. He felt that today he had finally found back a small piece of himself and was determined to recover back all that he had lost.

Jun Wu Xie, no matter what you want, as long as you help me accomplish what I want to do, this life of mine belongs to you!

In Jun Wu Xie’s arm, Little Black was swishing its tail excitedly.


[Its been such a long time since I’ve transformed… I’m still not really used to it. Say, Mistress, how did you know that the Emperor was the one behind the Empress’s death? How did you also know that it was the Emperor that destroyed her family?]

Little Black was certain that it did not hear such news from Jun Xian and Jun Qing, so how did she acquire such privileged information?

“I did not know.”


“I said it casually.” She answered calmly.

She slipped back into the banquet as she sat there quietly.

The Emperor sat on his throne as he was enjoying himself as he talked and laughed loudly among the various ministers. The banquet was heating up as the music and dance carried on through the night.

As the main star of the party, Mo Qian Yuan had actually left in the midst of it, giving Mo Xuan Fei a chance to perform his perfect king candidate role. He and Bai Yun Xian entertained the various ministers and was every bit the golden couple everyone was talking about. They had completely ignored Jun Wu Xie, on the other hand, the one who kept sneaking glances to see if she was alright was Jun Qing who was worried that she was heartbroken.

However, the facts proved that Jun Qing’s theory was all wrong.

Throughout the rest of the banquet, Jun Wu Xie did not even bother to look at the couple.

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