GDBBM – Chapter 686

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Chapter 686: “Startling Change at Zephyr (2)”

Fan Qi and Ning Rui had shared many meals at the same table for years and years. Ning Xin had just passed on and although it was exposed that Ning Xin had plotted to kill Fan Jin just before her death, Ning Rui had at that moment cleverly chosen to sacrifice her daughter as a pawn to protect himself. Under those circumstances, Fan Qi would only feel endless guilt and not put up his guard against Ning Rui.

And Jun Wu Xie had not expected that so soon after they left the Zephyr Academy, Fan Qi would die so suddenly.

The matter would most definitely not be a fact the Fan Brothers would be able to accept easily.

Jun Wu Xie lowered her head to consider the situation a moment before she said: “Don’t tell Fan Zhuo about this for the time being.”

“Yes, Young Miss.” Ye Sha said.

By the time Fan Zhuo returned, Ye Sha had already left. The waiter served a table full of dishes and Fan Zhuo smilingly invited Jun Wu Xie to sit down to eat.

Nothing could be seen from Jun Wu Xie’s calm demeanor and after just taking two mouthfuls, she suddenly put down her chopsticks.

“I will be making a trip back to the Zephyr Academy.”

Fan Zhuo cast a glance at Lord Meh Meh on the bed and asked with uncertainty: “Will Lord Meh Meh’s condition be strong enough to make the trip?”

Jun Wu Xie shook her head. “I have something back at the bamboo grove that can help Lord Meh Meh with its condition. Lord Meh Meh cannot be moved at the moment and so, I will need you to remain behind to help me look after it.”

“Me?” Fan Zhuo was shocked.

“Why don’t you tell me what it is and I’ll go back and get it for you. If you are gone and anything happens to Lord Meh Meh, I’m afraid that I will not be able to handle it.”

“I will need to concoct some medicine back there and you wouldn’t be able to do it for me anyway. Rest assured, I have stabilised Lord Meh Meh’s condition and I will also leave behind some medicine. You will only need to let Lord Meh Meh soak in the bath three times a day and that will be all you need to do.” Jun Wu Xie paused a moment before she continued: “But remember one thing. I will need you to keep an eye on Lord Meh Meh throughout the day during this period and if anything unexpected crops up, immediately send someone to inform me back at the Zephyr Academy. You can just get the waiter to send the food up here into the room everyday.”

Fan Zhuo nodded, and did not put up any further protest.

“Alright, we’ll do it as what you say.”

Jun Wu Xie continued with the meal, restraining her eyes from showing any expression.

She did not intend to let Fan Zhuo know of Fan Qi’s death at the moment. Fan Zhuo might be highly intelligent but Fan Qi was someone that Fan Zhuo held close to his heart and meant a lot to him. Fan Zhuo had even selflessly put his own life at risk in order to protect the Fan Family’s father and son before and it was a given now he would undoubtedly rush back to the Zephyr Academy if he were to know of Fan Qi’s demise.

The actual situation in the Zephyr Academy was currently still unclear and with Fan Qi’s death, Ning Rui as the Vice Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy would hold the immediate next highest position. If Fan Zhuo were to return at this moment, Ning Rui would undoubtedly plot to harm him. Fan Zhuo, in a situation where he would be expected to be in rage and rash in his actions, Jun Wu Xie wasn’t sure if he would be able to react accordingly.

Instead of that, she decided to first go back to the Zephyr Academy to find out more about the situation.

Jun Wu Xie had not told Fan Zhuo the entire truth about Lord Meh Meh’s condition as well. Actually, Lord Meh Meh would only need to rest another two days and it would be able to safely travel on the road. But Jun Wu Xie had needed an excuse that she could use to make Fan Zhuo remain in Chan Lin Town and Lord Meh Meh’s injuries had been the most convenient and believable excuse.

Not allowing him to leave the room and to watch over Lord Meh Meh throughout the day had been to prevent Fan Zhuo from hearing about Fan Qi’s death from other people.

Sitting opposite Jun Wu Xie, Fan Zhuo continued to eat, never at that moment would he come to think, at that very moment, his foster father was no longer living in this world.

Three days later, Jun Wu Xie bid farewell to Fan Zhuo and Lord Meh Meh, as she climbed into the horse carriage that would take her back to the Zephyr Academy.

“Ning Rui, I would really like to see just what kind of furore you have wrought upon the Zephyr Academy.” Jun Wu Xie said as her eyes narrowed to a dangerous slit.


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