GDBBM – Chapter 687

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Chapter 687: “Startling Change at Zephyr (3)”

The Zephyr Academy was as quiet as usual and everything looked like nothing had ever happened.

Within the compounds, idle disciples could be seen all over the place. They were gathered in groups of threes and fives and were laughing and giggling among themselves as they passed.

When Jun Wu Xie walked into the academy, she did not attract the attention of others. She passed through the main thoroughfare and went towards the bamboo grove at the side.

Just as she was about to enter, a loud exclamation suddenly sounded, coming from a youth behind.

“Jun Xie? Are you Jun Xie?”

Jun Wu Xie turned her head and saw that it was a youth wearing the jade emblem on his chest that showed he was from the Spirit Healer faculty as Jun Wu Xie started expressionlessly at him.

The youth suddenly seemed to become conscious of his own overly excited self and he then smiled sheepishly.

“I’m sorry, I must have startled you. I am a disciple in the Spirit Healer faculty and having not seen you for such a long while, I was just too surprised to suddenly see you appear here.”

“What is it?” Jun Wu Xie asked softly.

The youth scratched at his head awkwardly and said: “Nothing really, but are you intending to go to the dwelling in the bamboo grove?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“About that…… the dwelling had not been occupied for a while and nobody has come to clean up the place for many days. Wouldn’t you rather stay in the dormitories instead?” The youth said stiffly. He wanted to get a little more familiar with Jun Wu Xie but could not find anything much to say and could only say the first thing that came to his mind.
When Jun Wu Xie and Fan Zhuo had left the Zephyr Academy, nobody else besides Fan Jin and Fan Qi had any knowledge of it. All the other people had thought Jun Wu Xie had left due to tasks assigned to her by Gu Li Sheng and Fan Qi had used the reason that Fan Zhuo had been sent outside for treatment of his condition.

“Nobody? What about Fan Jin?” Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow raised suddenly.

Before she came back, she had been thinking whether Ning Rui’s hand would extend out to reach Fan Jin after cold bloodedly murdering Fan Qi.

If Fan Jin was still around, even if she and Fan Zhuo were not in the Zephyr Academy, he would not allow the dwelling in the little bamboo grove to be left unattended.

The youth was dumbfounded and a strange look came upon his face. He immediately turned to look around him and after making sure there was nobody else around, he walked a few steps into the bamboo grove and turned to beckon at Jun Wu Xie.

Seeing that the other party obviously had something he wanted to tell her away from prying ears, Jun Wu Xie followed after him.

“As you were not in the academy all this time, you might not know that the Headmaster….. He was killed about two weeks ago.”

Jun Wu Xie looked at the youth without a flicker of expression on her face.

The youth then continued to say: “Do you who was the one who killed the Headmaster?”

Who else could it be but Ning Rui? Jun Wu Xie sneered in her heart, but her face was as expressive as a rock.
“It was Fan Jin!”
Jun Wu Xie’s eyes widened ever so slightly.
The youth then lowered his voice and whispered conspiratorially: “When the Headmaster died, there were only him and Fan Jin alone in the office. Just before it happened, the academy guards had heard the two of them quarrelling and when the guards went to investigate, they found the Headmaster already dead…..”
Fan Qi had been killed on the spot with a sharp sword stuck through his chest, and when the locked door to the office was opened, Fan Jin was the only person alive in there still holding the blood smeared sword in his hand.

At that moment, everyone knew that it was Fan Jin who murdered the Headmaster!

Fan Jin was Fan Qi’s son and there was no believable reason for Fan Jin to kill his father. But Fan Qi had always claimed Fan Jin to be his adopted son to everyone else all those years and presented Fan Zhuo as his biological son instead. That was done with the intention to protect Fan Zhuo but Fan Qi would never have thought that it would now turn out to be the reason Fan Jin was being pushed into the eye of the wrecking storm kicking up within the Zephyr Academy!

Everyone in the Zephyr Academy knew, throughout the generations, the esteemed position of the Headmaster had always been passed down to their children and Fan Qi had two sons. One was the Zephyr Academy’s highly popular and well regarded Fan Jin and the other was Fan Zhuo who had been all weak and sickly from young.

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