GDBBM – Chapter 685

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Chapter 685: “Startling Change at Zephyr (1)”

Jun Wu Xie, Fan Zhuo and Ye Sha remained behind in Chan Lin Town. The toil from the long journey back might not have affected the companions much but to the frail and weakened Lord Meh Meh, it had been pure torture. If she had continued to push ahead on their journey to return back to the Zephyr Academy, even Jun Wu Xie was not too sure that she would be able to successfully treat Lord Meh Meh to make a complete recovery.

“I have gone to the pharmacy and got the herbs you requested. I’ll just leave them here.” Fan Zhuo lifted a huge bag of herbs to put on the table in Jun Wu Xie’s room. Besides the Chan Lin Auction House’s rare and expensive herbs, Jun Wu Xie needed some common herbs as well.

Jun Wu Xie nodded as she prepared a medical bath for Lord Meh Meh. As Lord Meh Meh had suffered burns over its entire body, the healing effects from common salves and creams would not be adequate and Jun Wu Xie had simply just purchased a little wooden tub and concocted a mix of a variety of herbs to create a thick soothing medicinal bath, for Lord Meh Meh to soak its entire body in.

“Will Lord Meh Meh recover fully?” Fan Zhuo asked worriedly as he looked at Jun Wu Xie putting the weakly Lord Meh Meh into the medicinal bath.

“It will.” Jun Wu Xie replied, with strong determination.

Fan Zhuo did not want to get in Jun Wu Xie’s way and was about to leave when Ye Sha came in through the door. When his eyes saw Fan Zhuo, his eyes flashed briefly with a strange expression.

“I’ll go ask the innkeeper to prepare us some food and send it over later.” Fan Zhuo said, smiling at Ye Sha, leaving the room quickly after saying that.

Ye Sha frowned slightly, seemingly thinking hard about something. He hesitated a moment at the door before he entered and turned to shut the door tight.

“Young Miss.” Ye Sha greeted, kneeling with one knee on the ground.

“Mmm.” Jun Wu Xie was intently observing Lord Meh Meh’s condition and she just acknowledged softly.

“Under Young Miss’ orders, I have already managed to gain some understanding on the recent and current situation back at the Zephyr Academy.” Ye Sha reported with his head lowered.

Their time of return had coincidently coincided with the Zephyr Academy’s month end holidays and Chan Lin Town was currently filled with many youths dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform. Although Jun Wu Xie was still unable to go back, she had ordered Ye Sha to go around the town and snoop out the latest news about the Zephyr Academy.

“What happened?” Jun Wu Xie asked, noticing the abnormal tone in Ye Sha’s voice.

Ye Sha remained silent a moment before he solemnly said: “The Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy died two weeks ago.”

Jun Wu Xie’s hand froze in mid air and she turned her head to look at Ye Sha, her cold gaze tinged with inquiry.

“Fan Qi is dead?”

Ye Sha nodded.

“Who did it?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed as she asked. She had not met Fan Qi that many times and did not consider herself to be close to him. But Fan Qi was Fan Jin father and Fan Zhuo’s foster parent. Fan Zhuo was indebted to Fan Qi for saving his life and for bringing him up.

If not for Fan Qi, Fan Zhuo would not be alive today.

Jun Wu Xie did not know Fan Qi too well and only knew that he was just as forthright and as righteous as Fan Jin. He was amicable and impartial, and although not really considered a hero, but he was nevertheless a great man and a good Headmaster.


How did such a man die so suddenly?

“Furthermore, in regards to the matter, all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy knew nothing else about it, but just that the Headmaster had died.” Ye Sha reported everything he had heard faithfully.

“It’s Ning Rui.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed to a slit.

Ye Sha said: “Ning Rui’s power is still a notch below Fan Qi’s. If based on skills alone, he does not have what it takes to kill Fan Qi.”

Jun Wu Xie replied with her brow furrowed up: “A prerequisite condition must first be fulfilled for your assumption to be valid.”

“I implore my Young Miss to enlighten me.”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes lowered and she said chillingly: “Only if Fan Qi has his guard up against Ning Rui, would your assumption be possible.”


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