GDBBM – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: “The Crown Prince (3)”

In an instant, a little black cat actually turned into a huge black panther?

The panther’s huge body kept Mo Qian Yuan pinned down as Jun Wu Xie walked over to its side.

“I’m not used to speaking rubbish so if you are not stupid, you will soon find out what’s going on.” Jun Wu Xie bent down as one of her slender white hand gripped his chin firmly. Although her fingers looked so delicate, who knew they mustered such strength! In a very practiced and swift manner, she opened his mouth and shoved a pill in as she closed his mouth and hit his chest. It happened in seconds, it was simply fast and accurate.

Before he could even react, he had swallowed whatever she had thrown in.

“Wha…What are you up to….?” He looked at her with bloodshot eyes as he felt his heart palpitating quickly. He didn’t know what she was planning and it made him fear her a little.

“Little Black, keep an eye on him.” She didn’t bother replying him as she walked over to the stone chairs in the pavilion and casually sat on one of them.

Mo Qing Yuan still tried to break free as he struggled. The huge panther opened its mouth wide as it gave a warning growl and lowered its head as it positioned Mo Qing Yuan’s neck between it’s sharp teeth.

“If he utters a single word, feel free to bite him.” She said emotionlessly as she gave the panther the order.

The black panther stood there motionless as it stared at the man beneath it.

Mo Qing Yuan’s mind was distraught as he thought to himself. This was the worst birthday ever. Tonight must be one of the most depressing nights he ever had, to think that he actually let a little girl pull a fast one over him!

Under the threat of the panther, he slowly closed his eyes, as he reluctantly began to accept his own fate.

Sure enough, he really is a good for nothing. He gave up so easily. He did not dare move a single muscle.

Time ticked by slowly, Mo Qian Yuan felt that the discomfort he had, all the prickly sensations, all that disgusting feeling of ants crawling all over him for all these years seemed to be subsiding.

He flung his eyes wide open as he looked at Jun Wu Xie with a shocked expression.


“ROAR!” The panther issued another warning as it tightened it’s grip on his neck.

Jun Wu Xie glanced over and said: “Little Black, let him go.”

As soon as she uttered those words, Mo Qian Yuan felt the pressure on him suddenly released as the huge figure swooped towards Jun Wu Xie and a cute little black cat once again appeared in her arms.


[Ugh, his whole body reeks! It stinks of alcohol! The stench is killing me!]

Jun Wu Xie gently stroked it’s fur lovingly.

“…You…What did you feed me with? Why am I…? Mo Qing Yuan had not felt so clear headed for such a long time. With this sudden soberness, it had happened too suddenly that he did not know what to ask.

“Something that can save your life.” Jun Wu Xie felt that this approach was much simpler as results could be seen quickly.

Mo Qian Yuan looked deeply at her, his fingers slightly as he asked in a low voice: “Why do you want to help me”

Jun Wu Xie replied very matter of factly: “I want you to fight against your father and Mo Xuan Fei. I want you to ascend the throne so that you can keep my Jun Family safe.”

The position of the Emperor should have been changed long ago as the current Emperor will die, Mo Xuan Fei too. Since the kingdom needed a ruler, she will choose one that would protect her family.

“You want me to usurp the throne?!” Mo Qing Yuan was completely shocked. Never had he expected such an outrageous matter to be discussed so lightly moreover it was Jun Wu Xie who had initiated it. Such treacherous words coming out from her mouth shocked him silly.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows: “You do not want to?”

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