GDBBM – Chapter 678

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Chapter 678: “Escape from Heaven’s End Cliff (3)”

Qiao Chu and the others approached the stone house slowly a step at a time, and just as they were about to reach the stone house’s door…..

The thick and heavy slab of door was suddenly slowly being opened!

In the same moment, Qiao Chu and the others all raised their spirit powers to the purple level at the same time!

Their spirit powers glowed purple, gathered in their palms, and they were all about to blast them right into the house!


A tiny face with delicate features peeked out and appeared before the eyes of the companions. And her body was surrounded by a light purple glow as Jun Wu Xie stared at all of them with a calm look in her eyes.


Suddenly, all was silent.

The spirit powers gathered in the palms of Qiao Chu and the others had raged like a strong burning fire but were suddenly doused with a wave of cold water, fizzling out and then disappearing without a trace left.

“Lit….. Little Xie?” Qiao Chu was still rather dazed for another moment before he suddenly managed to somewhat regain his senses. He stared, still very much confused, at Jun Wu Xie whom they had all not seen for sometime, his wide shocked eyes fixed on the slowly dissipating purple glow around Jun Wu Xie’s body.

[Something’s really wrong with his eyes!]

[His eyes are really seeing things!]

[How could Little Xie be a purple spirit….. How long had it only been since they parted? Even if she was a god, there was no way she would be able to attain it so quickly…..]

“I must have overtired myself….. Am I still asleep?” Qiao Chu’s face was frozen as he pinched himself very hard on his own thigh, and it was so painful he was really tearing up.

[This is goddamned real! He’s not dreaming!]      

Hua Yao finally recovered and he surveyed Jun Wu Xie carefully, his eyes filled with puzzlement.

“Little Xie….. How did you….. become a purple spirit?” Although Jun Wu Xie had been able to develop and advance her spirit powers really quickly all this time, but shouldn’t it be impossible for her to attain the purple spirit in just a matter of days!?

Not to mention this was in the Lower Realm. Even if this was in the Middle Realm, they wouldn’t be able to find such an unbelievable devil.

Fan Zhuo’s eyes showed some surprise, but he was able to recover quickly.

“Did you learn the Middle Realm’s method of pushing your spirit powers’ level up?”

Fan Zhuo’s words somehow managed to make Qiao Chu and the others to gain back their senses. Ye Sha had earlier mentioned that the person in the stone house was not a true purple spirit and that was why they had assumed that it was someone from the Twelve Palaces in it, having employed the method exclusive to people from the Middle Realm, to elevate their spirit power level temporarily to reach the purple level.

Never had they expected, that it was Jun Wu Xie in the stone house!

That also meant that Jun Wu Xie had been able to grasp the concept behind the ability of being able to temporarily raise one’s spirit power level to the purple level, but where had she learnt to do that?

Filled with endless questions and with shock still reverberating in their minds, they finally discovered Jun Wu Xie after days of searching but such a great change had come over her.

[Was this lass really human or devil?]

Jun Wu Xie looked at all her companions standing before the doorway and she was silent a moment before she said: “Come in and talk.”

It was too cold outside and it was not conducive for conversation.

Everyone entered quickly. As Ye Sha passed beside Jun Wu Xie, he stopped to say: “Young Miss, your subordinate had not been able to protect you properly and I have failed. I plead for my our Miss to mete out my overdue punishment.”

Jun Wu Xie shook her head and ushered Ye Sha into the house.

The house was a small structure, and after Qiao Chu and the others rushed in, it was getting rather cramped. Qiao Chu and the others were staring at the crude but practical “mattress” on the floor in a corner of the house. Lying upon the mattress, wrapped up in a bundle of clothes, was an unidentified black form, currently quietly curled up within the warm pile of clothes, sleeping soundly.

Fan Zhuo’s eyes widened in sudden recognition and he turned his head to ask Jun Wu Xie.

“Is that Lord Meh Meh?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Fan Zhuo could not help himself but his eyes began to become slightly aggrieved. When Jun Wu Xie had stayed at the little bamboo grove, Lord Meh Meh had stayed there as well. Although Lord Meh Meh had not really been bothered with Fan Zhuo then, but when he saw such an adorable little thing like that reduced to such a pitiful state, Fan Zhuo’s heart went out to the little fella.  

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