GDBBM – Chapter 677

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Chapter 677: “Escape from Heaven’s End Cliff (2)”

Qiao Chu and the others did not give too much of a reaction to Ye Mei’s departure. After they had been flung out from the whirlwind, they had all sustained injuries. Fortunately for them, before they had descended down the Heaven’s End Cliff, Jun Wu Xie had allocated some medicine and elixirs to each of them and hence, that had allowed them to at least recover adequately in a short period of time, allowing them to carry out the search that quickly.

Having searched relentlessly for so long, they were all feeling the toil in their legs as the chilling damp and freezing cold air continued to assault at their bodies, not helping the injuries they carried one tiny bit.

Progressing slowly under the unending cloud of misty fog, they finally saw a change of terrain as they came upon a stretch of land that wasn’t covered in green moss. On that scorched and blackened ground, they even saw that there was a pile of rocks, gathered and built up to resemble a simple and crude sort of house!

“Is that a house? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?” Qiao Chu rubbed at his eyes vigorously and blinked hard. [Was the toil already causing him to develop hallucinations!? It was impossible for a house to appear in the bottom of the unbelievably uninhabitable Heaven’s End Cliff!]

“I’m not kidding. Your eyes should still be fine, because….. I am seeing it too!” Fei Yan said, grabbing Qiao Chu on his arm.

The stone house’s sudden appearance had piqued all their interest and just as they were about to approach it, Ye Sha suddenly stood in their path, blocking their way forward.

“Brother Ye Sha, what is it?” Fan Zhuo asked, noticing that Ye Sha’s expression was rather wary.

Ye Sha narrowed his eyes as he stared at the stone house.

“Someone is in that house.”

No light reached the bottom of the cliff and they were still a distance away from the stone house. They suddenly realised that the stone house was not within the circle of light thrown out from their Spirit Fire Globes, but they could see the structure clearly. Slivers of light had escaped and were shining out through the cracks from inside, allowing the stone house to dimly show itself in the darkness before them.

Ye Sha’s words made the companions freeze in their tracks.

Qiao Chu almost immediately exclaimed excitedly: “It’s Little Xie! It must be Little Xie! I was thinking why we couldn’t find her, so she had actually found herself a place like this!” Qiao Chu was already strutting happily towards the stone house when he found himself suddenly pulled back by Ye Sha.

“The person within the house holds a purple spirit.” Ye Sha said with a cautious frown. When his eyes had first fallen upon the stone house, his first thought had been the same as Qiao Chu. But just as he was about to rush up, he detected the presence of a purple spirit in there. The spirit power’s aura he felt was undoubtedly that of a purple spirit.

“What!?” Qiao Chu was suddenly shocked.

Jun Wu Xie was only a yellow spirit. If it was indeed a purple spirit in there, that person was most definitely not Jun Wu Xie!

“Not exactly a true purple spirit, but that person must have employed certain methods to push his spirit powers to reach the purple level.” Ye Sha’s eyes were flashed with a cold gleam as he spoke.

After hearing Ye Sha’s words, the smiles on the faces of Qiao Chu and the others immediately stiffened.

To be able to induce their spirit powers to reach the purple level must be someone from the Middle Realm!

“Someone from the Middle Realm…..” Hua Yao said, his eyes fixed on the house.

“It should be.” Ye Sha nodded.

“Avoid?” Fan Zhuo asked with an upraised eyebrow. Although he said that, his expression was nevertheless cold and his eyes murderous.

The only people from the Middle Realm that would come to the Heaven’s End Cliff would be from the Twelve Palaces. All the companions harboured irreconcilable animosity against the Twelve Palaces and with their hated enemy right before them, how could they hold themselves back!?

“Such a nice quaint stone house should not be wasted on the trash from the Twelve Palaces.” Qiao Chu said in a sneering tone.

At that moment, the companions immediately came to the same conclusion and gathered their spirit powers, before they approached the stone house at the same time!

Ye Sha had said that there was only one person in the house and he had not attained a true purple spirit. Hence, even in the bad state their bodies were in, the few of them together should still be more than a match!

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