GDBBM – Chapter 679

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Chapter 679: “Escape from Heaven’s End Cliff (4)”

“You guys should see that.” Jun Wu Xie said, pointing at the wall behind all the others.

Qiao Chu and everyone else turned their heads to look, but saw nothing unusual at first. But Rong Ruo very quickly noticed that the stone blocks on the wall were filled with tiny characters etched into them.

“I can see characters on it.” Rong Ruo told the others.

Everyone went forward to look and they all finished reading all the tiny words carefully, sighing heavily at the end.

“I had not thought that the Twelve Palaces would use the method of forcibly raising your spirit power to lure people to work for them. That man was rather pitiful. Based on the writings he left behind, he must have held a very high position in the Lower Realm and he had squandered it all with a moment’s greed.” Rong Ruo sighed lightly, feeling a little sad for the owner of the stone house.

[The Twelve Palaces had never been easy to get along with.]

Accepting their favours and getting oneself indebted to them was as good as stepping onto the path towards death. Even if that man had not died here and he finally found the Dark Emperor’s tomb in the end, he would still have ended up being killed just like their parents had been, under the persecution of the Twelve Palaces.

“Little Xie, what does any of this has got anything to do with you attaining the purple spirit?” Qiao Chu asked, scratching at his head. Had they not just asked Little Xie how she learnt the method of temporarily raising her spirit power level?

Jun Wu Xie walked over to the wall and pointed at a line right at the bottom corner.

Everyone looked at where Jun Wu Xie was pointing. They read it again and they all froze.

[Purple spirit was just merely the product of burning up of one’s spirit power.]

That short line of words was so completely innocent sounding and inconspicuous they had all thought nothing much of it when they had glanced through it earlier, and its meaning had not registered in their mind. But after Jun Wu Xie pointed it out, an outrageous idea formed in their minds!

“Don’t tell me that you actually understood and learnt how to temporarily raise your spirit power based on that one single short line…..” Qiao Chu’s eyes were wide and his face in shock and disbelief.

Those words might have been speaking the truth but it was really much too vague. They themselves wouldn’t have been able to understand the concept behind the technique of temporarily raising their spirit powers from it. In fact, they had not even linked them together at all!

Jun Wu Xie nodded and the room was suddenly filled with loud gasps.
Everybody had their eyes all trained on Jun Wu Xie, their shocked expressions looking like they were staring at a terrifying monster.

“When I had worked on improving the Spirit Healing Technique earlier, I had conducted research on the transformation of spirit power for a period. Although I have not fully understood everything about it, but I have nevertheless achieved a good grasp of the basics. Hence, in the past several days, I had been contemplating what did it mean to burn up spirit power and how to transform the burnt spirit power into the higher level purple spirit.” Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly. Throughout that period, she had not once left that stone house.

Besides providing treatment for Lord Meh Meh  and herself every single day, she had been incessantly trying to burn her spirit power.

Finally, it was just today, that she finally succeeded. Having just raised her spirit powers to attain the purple spirit, she felt completely different. The feeling of standing at the peak of spirit powers, whereby all her five senses were enhanced, was a feeling indescribable and words could not do it justice.

And it was entirely because of that, that she detected people approaching the stone house. She opened the door to check outside and she saw Qiao Chu and the others.

Jun Wu Xie’s voice was calm and unhurried. Although her soft voice was like a still lake, to the others who were listening, it was a hurricane, that stirred up waves which rocked their minds!

Just based on a vague and unclear line of words and she was able to understand and gain a full grasp of the Middle Realm’s most critical and profound phenomenon?

That was just too unbelievable!

Everyone knew Jun Wu Xie was highly intelligent, but they had not thought that her intelligence would reach such astounding levels.

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