GDBBM – Chapter 676

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Chapter 676: “Escape from Heaven’s End Cliff (1)”

“Where could Little Xie be?” Within the dark foggy mist, a circle of light shone brightly, bringing forth a small area of illumination moving forward slowly.

Qiao Chu was holding a long staff in his hand, as he struggled to walk over the damp and wet moss.

The fluttering Hell Butterfly glittered as it came flying in from the gloomy darkness towards the light surrounding the companions, coming to a rest on Rong Ruo’s fingertip.

“Didn’t find anything.” Rong Ruo reported with her brow frowned in a deep crease. Ever since the day that they were attacked by the monster, they were suddenly separated when a powerful whirlwind had caught them in it, flinging them all in different directions. When Rong Ruo awoke, she had immediately released her tiny Hell Butterflies to search through the blinding mist for any signs of her companions.

It had been half a month since that day, and Rong Ruo had followed her Hell Butterflies’ lead, to finally reunite with Qiao Chu and the others. Even Ye Sha and Ye Mei had been located under the Hell Butterflies’ lead but they still had not been able to locate Jun Wu Xie. She had seemingly disappeared entirely into the misty fog and no matter how many Hell Butterflies she sent out, they had still not found any sign of Jun Wu Xie.

Surrounded by the sinkholes, their progress became painfully slow, and the anxiety that gnawed at their hearts was making them all feel terribly restless.

Before they had been scattered, they had clearly witnessed Jun Wu Xie under the attack of that monster. Fortunately, Lord Meh Meh had stepped up at the most critical moment but none of them could be certain whether Jun Wu Xie had lived through it.

Their hearts were all heavy, trying to avoid thinking of the worst. But no matter how slim the chance was, not a single one among them was about to give up on their search for Jun Wu Xie. They did not believe, refused to believe, that their little incredibly strong willed devil, would lose her life in this place.

“Our Little Xie is incredibly strong. She will be able to fend for herself.” Fan Zhuo wasn’t too sure, whether he was reassuring his companions or consoling himself.

Jun Wu Xie always had the black beast and Lord Meh Meh, her two mighty and powerful bodyguards beside her, and was deemed the safest individual among them all. But on that fateful day, Lord Meh Meh had been engulfed in flames in order to save Jun Wu Xie. Though they had not been able to clearly ascertain the extent of Lord Meh Meh’s injuries, but the sight of that blackened body, had however been branded right into their minds.

They knew in their hearts, that Lord Meh Meh would not be able to protect Jun Wu Xie at that moment.

The team were all unwilling to give up hope. They searched persistently for any signs of Jun Wu Xie. They had all decided, before they find her, they would not take a single step out from the Heaven’s End Cliff.

Moreover, Ye Mei and Ye Sha were even more anxious than any of the others. If Jun Wu Xie were to lose her life here at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, they dared not imagine the kind of rage their Lord would surely blow up into!

“This cannot continue on as is. I need to make a move first.” Ye Mei finally gritted his teeth to say. The traps around the tomb that the Dark Regime had designed and built was more complicated and extreme than they thought. He and Ye Sha had attempted to make a break through the foggy mist but the result had been abysmal.

At this moment, the two of them were not in their peak conditions. They had been gravely injured at that time and they had yet to fully recover from their injuries, rendering them too weak to overcome the crisis at hand.

“You want to go find our Lord?” Ye Sha stared at Ye Mei, accurately guessing at his intentions from the expression on his face.

Ye Mei nodded.

“Here, only our noble Lord, will be able to traverse unimpeded.”

Ye Sha frowned as he considered it seriously, and he finally handed a little black snake over into Ye Mei’s hand.

“When it dies, that means we have already found the Young Miss.”

Ye Mei accepted the black snake and nodded. After bidding his farewells to Qiao Chu and the others, he immediately disappeared into the foggy mist.

Although they were having difficulty moving forward in their exploration of the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, leaving it though, was a relatively easy task.

Surrounded by the endless dangers in all directions, they had no choice but to bring Jun Wu Yao into the picture. Otherwise, the unpardonable crime of losing Jun Wu Xie, was a charge no one in the world would be able to shoulder.

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