GDBBM – Chapter 675

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Chapter 675: “Stone House (3)”

Those disjointed short passages almost seemed to fill an entire wall. They were not etched out at the same time but instead told of the owner’s slow and gradual decline into pure hopelessness and utter despair.

What puzzled Jun Wu Xie was, the owner of the stone house was not someone from the Middle Realm. From the lines of words he had left behind, it was not hard to decipher that he was from the Lower Realm and had was a man who enjoyed a high and illustrious station in life, possibly a ruler of a country or a member of an imperial family.

But he had caught the eye of the people from the Twelve Palaces and offered an avenue to attain the purple spirit as a condition in exchange for becoming their puppet and led to come here to the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff.

That man had not come to this place alone and there had been at least several hundred men that had come with him. But after coming to the Heaven’s End Cliff, his followers had died one after another and only he had fortunately escaped and managed to survive. However, he had lost his direction within the foggy mist and had been unable to find his way out. He finally gathered the stones he saw in the area and erected this simple and crude stone house as a temporary shelter.

But his temporary stay had stretched out into years.

Jun Wu Xie could not imagine just how much in despair the man must have been in before he died to have set such a big fire, to obliterate himself together with everything else. She did not know either, what method the man had employed, to be able to make the fire burn in such a wet environment.

But judging by the dark and grey ground outside, he must have succeeded. The land had been so badly scorched that nothing would grow on it anymore, and it had remained a bare and barren place ever since.

Jun Wu Xie was unable to deduce how long the man had been dead and she had not found any skeletal remains anywhere nearby. The constant low temperature of the foggy mist had cleansed the blackened surface of the stone dwelling and Jun Wu Xie could roughly gauge that it had been a rather long time ago since the man had died.

But, what Jun Wu Xie was most concerned about, were the few lines that the man had carved into the stone just before his death.

[Purple spirit was just merely the product of burning up of one’s spirit power.]

Those few words had fully caught Jun Wu Xie’s attention.

Qiao Chu and the others had said people from the Middle Realm were born with the ability to induce their powers to reach the purple spirit level. And since they were equipped with the ability from birth and the fact that they had been very young when they left the Middle Realm, they did not understand it much. Even Yan Bu Gui wasn’t entirely clear on how their inborn ability worked.

According to the dying message from the man, the ability wasn’t exclusive to people from the Middle Realm, as that man had obviously been a person from the Lower Realm and through the guidance and instruction of the people whom that man had made an agreement with, the man had actually learnt how to temporarily achieve a breakthrough to attain a purple spirit! Those words had proven it all!

“Purple spirit was just merely the product of burning up of one’s spirit power…..” Jun Wu Xie repeatedly pondered and mulled over those same words over and over again, trying to understand the meaning behind them.

Although her spirit powers were growing and advancing at a very fast rate, but compared to the powers of her enemies, she was still quite a far way off. Attaining the purple spirit was just the first step towards her retaliation. When she had not known that people of the Lower Realm were also able to learn the technique to temporarily raise their spirit powers to reach the purple level, she had accepted it as fact that it was impossible for her. But now that she knew that the possibility existed, she would naturally not allow the opportunity to slip out through her fingers easily.

Burning up spirit power, what did that really mean?

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes, deep in thought. She wasn’t able to move anyway, she might as well grasp tightly upon this critical hint, and attempt to see whether she would be able to achieve any breakthrough!

Jun Wu Xie calmed her mind, and began to push and urge the spirit power within her body to circulate within her veins and arteries. When she had worked tirelessly to upgrade the Spirit Healing Technique before, she had undergone much training on the control of the spirit power within her body. Now that the experiment called for her to carry out tests on the spirit power within her, it can be said that it was now an incredibly easy task to her.

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