GDBBM – Chapter 674

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Chapter 674: “Stone House (2)”

“Are these marks, left behind by the owner of this stone house?” Jun Wu Xie asked herself as she lowered her head in thought, and continued to check the other stone blocks she could reach from her position. She moved her hand over several other pieces of stones and they were all densely marked by cuts similar to what she had just discovered. Five to a group, filling up the majority of stone blocks around her.

“Little Black.” Jun Wu Xie called suddenly.

The black beast stood up immediately.

“Go see whether there are any markings on the stone blocks upon the structure.” From those markings, Jun Wu Xie was guessing that the owner of the stone house had used them to record time. If those marks had been etched out based on the number of days, that would mean that person had stayed here for as long as several years!

It seems that the owner of the stone house must have lived here alone, or he wouldn’t have scratched out so many marks.

Had he been trapped here? Or did he have some other objectives?

After so much time had passed, Jun Wu Xie was unable to accurately guess at the reason reason from the scant clues she had.

The black beast moved about in the room, using its furry tail to brush the dust off the stone’s surface. It stared carefully at the stone blocks one by one before it quickly turned to Jun Wu Xie and said: “There are some strange symbols and also some characters.”

“Characters?” Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Mmm.” The black beast nodded in agreement.

Jun Wu Xie then said: “Read it.”

She was very curious what the owner of this crude stone structure had left behind.

The black beast cleared its throat and it slowly read out the characters on the stone blocks.

Those characters, instead of calling them the last words of the stone structure’s owner, were more like a record of his own memories of his life before he died.

[It has been seven years….. and I still have not found a way to leave. Those terrifying monsters would always appear suddenly. I want to leave this accursed place but I don’t know how. Am I really doomed to die here?] [I had not ever thought, that the rest of my life would be spent here in such a place, not known to anyone and completely bare and barren, at the bottom of an impossible cliff. The human heart will never learn to be satisfied. If I had not lusted for stronger powers and might at that time, and did not agree to work together with them, I might have remained in the palace and continued to indulge in wearing fine brocaded robes, feasted on rare delicacies, consorted with beautiful women and revelled with fine wines.] [Purple Spirits….. Haha….. So what if I know how to raise my powers to reach the purple spirit level within a short period of time? Even the mighty purple spirit has been reduced to being trapped here like a rat in this accursed hell! I was too naive, I had thought that as long as both sides stood to benefit from it, those people would not cause me any harm. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. In their eyes, a ruler of a country was nobody to them. They did not give a damn about my country, my army at all…..] [I don’t think I can hold out any longer. There’s no water, no food….. I am now still living depending entirely on my spirit powers, green moss and dew….. To continue living like this, I would rather die. I had pursued singlemindedly to attain the purple spirit and that had ultimately still been unable to save me from this. I finally understand why they did not dare come here personally even when they were so outrageously powerful. It was because this place was just a living hell! Purple spirit….. purple spirit….. it was just merely the product of burning up one’s spirit power. I had actually given up all that I had for something like this. I have really been the world’s greatest fool.] [I will use my final vestiges of power to create a great raging inferno, to destroy everything. May my ancestors forgive me for my greed, and grant my soul salvation after my death.]


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