GDBBM – Chapter 673

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Chapter 673: “Stone House (1)”

The black beast carried Jun Wu Xie and Lord Meh Meh on its back, following behind Drunk Lotus to go to the stone dwelling he discovered earlier.

From the outside, the stone dwelling did not look big. The stone structure was extremely simple and crude, built up by simply piling up various pieces of stones of different sizes together.

Several pieces of stone slabs littered the inside of the structure. There was no bed nor any table or chair, but the mere fact that such a stone dwelling existed at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff was really queer.

The small little stone structure, although hopelessly inadequate, would nevertheless at least block out part of the chill.

Drunk Lotus raised his hand and several large broad lotus leaves appeared in his hand. He extracted and absorbed all the water from them, turning them into dry leaves and laid them one atop another in a corner of the stone structure. As the quantity of dried lotus leaves increased, as more and more were produced, Drunk Lotus finally created a bed out of a pile of stacked up lotus leaves.

Although lotus leaves were not soft and in fact was slightly prickly, but under the current vile situation, they would at least be able to prevent the chill in the ground from seeping into the body.

Jun Wu Xie took out a few pieces of clothing from the Cosmos Sack and she got Drunk Lotus to lay them on top of the lotus leaves before she sat down, still carrying Lord Meh Meh in her arms.

The loosely laid lotus leaves might not be all that comfortable, but they still provided a sliver of softness, and if composted to sitting upping the cold hard ground, it was many times better.

Sitting upon the lotus leaves laid over the ground, Jun Wu Xie put the Spirit Fire Globe on one side. The white mist was very thin within the stone dwelling and at the side of the doorway, a huge stone slab stood standing. Drunk Lotus shifted it easily, closing up the opening.

The cold wind no longer blew into the stone dwelling and the temperature within gradually raised a little. The white mist slowly dissipated and the dwelling began to feel a little more cosy.

“I’ll go outside and patrol the area. If you need anything, just get the black beast to give a roar.” Drunk Lotus said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie sitting in the corner, his eyes showing a little bit of anguish seeing her in that state. He thought if he stayed within the dwelling any longer, he would not be able to hold himself back from going to settle the score with that monster.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

After Drunk Lotus stepped out, he shifted the huge stone slab back into place to seal up the stone dwelling and he was thoughtful enough to leave just a tiny gap to allow the air within the stone structure to circulate.

Jun Wu Xie’s wounds were still throbbing with pain. She had consecutively swallowed several elixirs and her body was beginning to warm up. She did not dare ingest any medicine with any effect of painkillers as with the decrease or dulling of the pain, her awareness of her body’s condition would be misled, and that would hinder her from accurately assessing her body’s condition in her healing process.

In order to bring her mind off the pain, Jun Wu Xie made herself look over the situation within the stone dwelling.

That one look, made her find something rather surprising.

She noticed upon those pieces of well weathered stones, there were several clean cut marks. She raised her hand to brush away the dust upping a brick like shaped some and saw that broken off part of the stone had been cut off cleanly. Although the differed in size, but those stone blocks had obviously been  and intentionally cut into rectangular blocks and stacked up atop each other.

Jun Wu Xie picked up a pebble of the stones around her and she attempted to crush it. But even when she used all her strength, she had not even managed to even chip the little piece of stone in the slightest!

These stones here, were not ordinary rocks!

Although she was injured, but she had not used up much of her spirit power. Even after concentrating all her spirit powers, she had not even been able to crush a tiny pebble, and that was rather unusual.

At the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, a crude little stone dwelling put together with slabs of incredibly hard stone…..

Just whose hands were responsible for this?

Jun Wu Xie frowned, and she raised her hand once more to check the other pieces of stones close to her. On one particular piece, she suddenly felt obvious grooves on them!

On that piece of stone, someone had used some tool and scratched out several marks, seemingly separated into five per group.


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