GDBBM – Chapter 672

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Chapter 672: “Crisis (3)”

That powerful tornado must have scattered all of them and she had no way of knowing where Qiao Chu and all the others were at the moment.

The bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff was by itself filled with endless dangers. It’s terrain shrouded from sight, and no one knew what would happen next. The freezing chill, pitch black darkness and dangers that could manifest at anytime made this place feel just like one had just stepped into hell.

Burdened with a broken leg and it was not known whether Lord Meh Meh would survive, Jun Wu Xie could not move from her spot.

Although she had prior experience as a vet before, but Spirit Beasts were however different from those pets. She could not be sure whether she would be able to heal Lord Meh Meh back to a complete recovery.

The mist that surrounded her grew thicker and Jun Wu Xie could not let down her guard. She summoned Little Lotus and Jun Wu Xie took out the jug of wine she had previously prepared from the Cosmos Sack and handed it over to Little Lotus. Little Lotus looked at Jun Wu Xie and shifted his gaze to look at the severely weakened Lord Meh Meh. His lips trembled and he toddled over, before he took out a lotus seed from within and put it in Jun Wu Xie’s hand.

“Let it swallow that. It might help. If that doesn’t work….. really really doesn’t work….. I’ll let it bite me directly.” Little Lotus looked at Jun Wu Xie with earnest and serious eyes as he said that. Just like that time in the Cloudy Peaks, when he had bravely bitten off a part of himself and fed his flesh to Jun Wu Xie, Little Lotus was firmly determined.

After proclaiming his selfless offer, Little Lotus lifted the jug of wine to his mouth and tilted his head back. He was well aware of the fact that in such place so filled with dangers in every direction, the other him, would be much more useful than he could be.

Moments later, the slightly flushed Drunk Lotus appeared before Jun Wu Xie’s eyes. The moment he saw the sorry state that Jun Wu Xie was in, his eyes immediately flared with fiery rage as he swooped to come beside Jun Wu Xie in an instant.

“Damn it.” Drunk Lotus said, punching both his fists into the ground.

“Go survey the surroundings. If you meet any of the others, bring them here.” Jun Wu Xie said calmly. In the crisis they all faced earlier, she wondered if everyone was still fine, and whether they were all still safe.

“I will.” Drunk Lotus glanced once more at the wound on Jun Wu Xie’s leg and answered seriously. His figure blurred a brief moment and he quickly disappeared to go around inspecting the surroundings.

Ring Spirits do not need their sight to search out a path. They were spirit forms and spirit forms were able to detect detect life forms from their auras. If they were to encounter any dangers, the ring spirits would be able to quickly morph into their formless spirit state and return to their contractual owners instantly.

Having Drunk Lotus go inspect the area greatly reassured Jun Wu Xie. After she finally managed to relax a little, she then took a little time out to check on her own unhygienic injuries.

The injury to her left leg was the most obvious one, and besides that, the great jarring force from when they had been forcibly thrown far out had caused some rather severe injuries to her body as well and she was feeling the pain in several places all over her body, with the sore ache on her back being the most obvious.

What she found most fortunate was, although she was covered all over with many wounds and injuries, at least not a single one of them was fatal.

Jun Wu Xie stuffed the lotus seed Little Lotus had left behind into Lord Meh Meh mouth and washed out down Lord Meh Meh’s throat together with Water of the Heavenly Spring, hoping the the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast’s might would be enough to help Lord Meh Meh pull through.

Not too long after, Drunk Lotus returned. He did not manage to find any of the others but he did discover an old stone dwelling, that looked like it had been abandoned for a rather long time.

“Stone dwelling?” Jun Wu Xie asked, with an eyebrow raised. A stone dwelling at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff?

“Yes, but it look like it has been abandoned for a rather long time.” Drunk Lotus added.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes in thought. The stone dwelling’s existence was rather strange, but it must be said, in regards to her current situation, any form of shelter that shielded her in any way would be a most welcome place for her to go to.

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