GDBBM – Chapter 671

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Chapter 671: “Crisis (2)”

The temperature in the surroundings was chilly enough to make one shiver. Having lost the protection from the loss of all its wool and being grievously wounded, Lord Meh Meh was extremely weak. The pain from its wounds and the freezing temperature made Lord Meh Meh shiver uncontrollably. The weak shivering was reflected onto Jun Wu Xie’s eyes and the sight made Jun Wu Xie’s eyes tremble ever so slightly.

The black beast appeared suddenly. Without needing Jun Wu Xie to ask, it curled its body around Jun Wu Xie and Lord Meh Meh, trying its hardest to transfer as much heat as its furry body could give to its other two companions.

Jun Wu Xie loosened the outer layer of her robe and clasped Lord Meh Meh close to her belly to keep the little sheep warm.

Lord Meh Meh was a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast and almost nothing else in the Lower Realm would be able to stand up to it, not to mention harming it in the slightest. But that green fireball had with a single hit burnt the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast and inflicted such severe injuries to it!

And if Lord Meh Meh had not leapt forward and knocked Jun Wu Xie away, with Jun Wu Xie’s level of power, she would have immediately died the moment she touched the green flaming fireball!

She wouldn’t have stood a chance of escaping death then.

“Will that monster pursue us?” The black beast asked, his voice sounding a little teary. Everything had happened too fast just now and it had not even had the chance to appear before it found that everything had ended. Seeing Lord Meh Meh in such a pitiable state, the black beast could well imagine just how powerful that monster must have been to be able to drive fear into the heart of the mighty Lord Meh Meh.

Not to mention just Lord Meh Meh, even if Drunk Lotus and all the other ring spirits of Qiao Chu and the others were to carry out a combined attack, they would not be a match for the monster. They would not even…..

Be able to hold back the monster’s attack at all, and would fail to buy time for Jun Wu Xie and all the other teammates to escape.

At that moment, the black beast was filled with gratitude for Lord Meh Meh’s selfless sacrifice. If not for Lord Meh Meh, Jun Wu Xie might very well be dead at that moment.

Even when it was a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast who had taken the hit, it had still sustained such grave injuries. There was no need to guess what would have happened if that had been Jun Wu Xie.

“It won’t.” Jun Wu Xie’s voice was a little hoarse as her head was lowered looking at the tightly curled up form of Lord Meh Meh within her arms, and her heart could not help but wince in pain.

“Before we were sent flying, I heard the sound of the clanking of heavy chains. If such a powerful monster is guarding the place, needless to mention all the countless people the Twelve Palaces had sent out before, even if the Rulers of the Twelve Palaces were to come here themselves, they might not be able to take down that monstrous beast. When the parents of Qiao Chu and the others discovered the location of the Dark Emperor’s tomb, they must have found some ways to avoid that monster. That monster’s movements must have been restricted and restrained by chains or we would all be dead now.” Jun Wu Xie said, calmly analysing all the aspects of the situation they had encountered earlier.

They had all barely escaped from the clutches of death this time.

She had broken her leg on her left calf and it needed immediate attention. Carrying Lord Meh Meh in her arms, she did not dare move too much and she had to slow down her treatment process. She used the remaining three segmented nunchucks in the Cosmos Sack as a splint and used bandages to wrap them around her injured leg before she lifted her eyes to scan her surroundings.

The terrain here, was completely different from any of the places they had passed before. The place was free of moss and sinkholes, and the entire ground was blackened, looking like great scorch marks left behind by a big fire. Although the ground was slightly wet, it was nevertheless very hard and firm. Compared to having the ground littered with countless sinkholes, it was much safer here.

Jun Wu Xie thought herself rather fortunate, that she had been thrown to this area. Although she broke her leg from it, it was lucky she had not fallen directly into a bottomless bog.

If they had been thrown unconscious into an endlessly hungry sinkhole, they would have died without a sound.

Jun Wu Xie used the illuminating light from the Spirit Fire Globe and continued to look all around her. Seeing no sign of Qiao Chu and the others, she finally ascertained that she was alone in that wide and endlessly bare expanse of grey and white.

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