GDBBM – Chapter 670

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Chapter 670: “Crisis (1)”

Lord Meh Meh let out a pitiful bleat and suddenly, its tiny body leapt powerfully at Jun Wu Xie, knocking her away from the spot she was in!

The ball of green fire immediately hit Lord Meh Meh’s tiny body, its flames fully engulfing Lord Meh Meh entirely in a blink, as all its snowy white wool on its body turned black and burnt in an instant!

Jun Wu Xie’s heart skipped a beat, as she saw the all black and burnt Lord Meh Meh falling to the ground. She immediately pounced over to the tiny figure, clasping Lord Meh Meh into her arms, completely ignoring the burning heat scorching her arms, as she embraced the little pitiful form tightly!

A loud boom resounded loudly from within the mist.

Upon seeing Jun Wu Xie under attack, Qiao Chu and the others suddenly stopped in their tracks and sprinted over towards Jun Wu Xie!

In that instant just before they were able to reach Jun Wu Xie, a gust of incredibly strong wind kicked up from within the mist. The wind was so powerful that it threw all the members of the team into the air, and they all found themselves each caught in an uncontrollable spin within the wind!

“Little Xie!”

Qiao Chu’s eyes saw with his eyes wide open, within the screaming malevolent tornado, Jun Wu Xie being flung out by the ferocious wind, to disappear into the far reaching misty fog before he found himself similarly flung far and wide, just like everyone else!

Right into the blinding white mist went all the team members, disappearing from sight one after another!


In the darkness, Jun Wu Xie stirred awake, her mind still groggy. Her head was throbbing heavily with pain and she felt as if all the bones in her body had been broken. The ground was cold below her as she struggled to stand within the darkness, but a searing pain suddenly shot through her left leg!

Cold sweat ran down from her temple as Jun Wu Xie endured the excruciating pain and her hand reached out to feel about blindly within the all encompassing darkness.

Her hands finally touched the cold chilly surface of the Spirit Fire Globe and she immediately grasped it, and inserted a spirit stone into it.

The light flickered and it drove back the darkness.

The surroundings was an endless palette of grey and white. Scorch marks filled the ground seemingly burnt by great flames. A tiny black and burnt form lay weakly in a heap upon the ground, not moving in the slightest.

Jun Wu Xie propped herself up with a struggle and she tried her hardest to move. Her left leg had been broken from the impact and with her every slightest move, it made cold sweat run down her face. Nevertheless, she clenched her jaw hard and dragged herself excruciatingly slowly to come to the side of the tiny form lying in a motionless heap.

The burnt and blackened form lying in Jun Wu Xie’s arms, was actually Lord Meh Meh who had blocked off the green flamed fireball for Jun Wu Xie with its own body. But at that moment, none of its thick snowy white wool remained and its skin was badly burnt. Its wounds at split in some places, revealing bright splotches of red blood, flowing out down its burnt flesh.

Jun Wu Xie did not care about her own injuries and hurried to check Lord Meh Meh’s condition. The serious burns covered Lord Meh Meh’s body entirely without a spot left whole, and it was breathing in short and weak gasps. The earnest eyes were now tightly shut and its blackened face was showing signs of pain and suffering.

Jun Wu Xie’s hand trembled, but only for a moment.

Very quickly, she forced herself to calm down. She quickly retrieved several bottles of medicine from her Cosmos Sack and unhesitatingly poured them all out and mixed them all with water, before she carefully and gently started to applying it onto Lord Meh Meh’s body.

The burnt and badly damaged skin was slow to react and absorb the healing salve and Jun Wu Xie could not help it but to apply the salve onto Lord Meh Meh’s open and bleeding wounds. Every single time the salve touched the wounds, Lord Meh Meh’s tiny figure would shiver from the excruciating pain.

If Lord Meh Meh was thought to be roundishly cute and cuddly before, the tiny figure in Jun Wu Xie’s arms at that moment, had been reduced to become a ghastly ball of flesh. Its bleeding wounds stained Jun Wu Xie’s hands red but she did not hesitate in the slightest, to carry Lord Meh Meh gently and securely in her arms, to carefully treat its painful wounds.

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