GDBBM – Chapter 669

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Chapter 669: “Deadly Land (4)”

Jun Wu Xie slowly walked towards one of the pieces of black rocks. In a flash, Ye Sha suddenly appeared beside Jun Wu Xie and pulled her away from the side of the black rock!

Before Jun Wu Xie could recover, the black rock that she had just been standing beside was suddenly smashed into smithereens by a humongous black shadow!

The hard unyielding black rock was crushed into dust in an instant!

“Young Miss! We must not stay here a moment longer!” Ye Sha said in a hurry. He stood in front of Jun Wu Xie, shielding her as he stared at the black shadow slowly approaching, his eyes filled with worry.

The black shadow was shrouded by the white mist and it was unbelievably gigantic. Even with the illuminating light from their Spirit Fire Globes, they still could not see it in its entirety.

But an unbelievably strong oppressive aura, that was at a level beyond anything they have ever felt before, suddenly hit them, gripping their hearts!

“What….. what is that thing…..” Qiao Chu was staring fixedly at the immensely massive dark shadow behind the mist. Although he could not see what the “thing” really looked like, but judging just from its size, it wouldn’t be any smaller than Lord Meh Meh’s real form!

“Don’t tell me it’s another Guardian Grade Spirit Beast?” Hua Yao was suddenly shocked.

When Mu Qian Fan had encountered the monster at the bottom of the cliff, he had not even seen what the monster had looked like throughout the whole incident.

And now, the companions realized this monster must be what Mu Qian Fan had encountered that time!

The monster was unimaginably huge. While it stood, the Spirit Fire Globes’ illuminating light was not able to reach the monster’s head. All they could see, was one incredibly thick paw filled with razor sharp claws on the ground. Above the sharp claws, the paw was covered with green scales, and the claws gleamed menacingly cold, as their light hit them!


As though it had felt the menacing and opposing presence, Lord Meh Meh gave out a cautionary roar!

Something that was able to cause a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast to be wary would most definitely not be any weaker than Lord Meh Meh itself!

The gargantuan monster slowly moved forward. With each and every step it took, the ground beneath their feet trembled and shook!

Clouds of the blinding white mist hung thickly around the monster. As it moved, the mist surrounding it did not dissipate but instead seemed to grow even thicker.
Endless clouds of thick mist was seemingly being drawn in by the wind, and with it, a blazing heat could be felt by the companions.

Unimaginably massive and it brought great terror with its approach.

“Run! Quickly!” Ye Sha turned and said hastily. He had not expected this fellow to be brought down to the Lower Realm to stand guard here. The Heavens knew, in this entire world, there existed only one man that could control this monstrous beast!

[How did the people from the Dark Regime manage to place it here!?]

An alarming realisation of crisis rang in their minds and none of them questioned Ye Sha’s  decision at that moment. Almost at the same time that Ye Sha shouted, Jun Wu Xie and her companions had immediately turned around to sprint speedily back the way they came.

“That fella’s speed isn’t too fast. Just do your best to escape from here, the further the better!” Ye Mei was guarding the other side and he exchanged a glance with Ye Sha, seeing the bitter smile upon each other’s faces.

Even if the two of them charged at the monster together, it would still be impossible for them to defeat it!

Now, the only choice they had, was to escape  as fast as they could, and that would be the only chance they had at remaining alive.

Everyone ran madly, but they had to follow back the path they had taken to come here, or the slightest mistake, might just cause them to fall into any of the innumerable bottomless sinkholes scattered across the ground.

The ground was covered with traps and there was a monster that caused a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast to feel fearful at their backs. All the companions had their hearts lodged in their throats at that moment!

Suddenly, the blazing heat they felt earlier could be felt strongly on their backs.

Jun Wu Xie immediately turned around and saw a ball of green flame streaking straight towards her at that moment!

“Meh~! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”

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