GDBBM – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: “The Crown Prince (2)”

Mo Qian Yuan’s expression suddenly changed. His blurred eyes immediately turned sharp as the silence swept through and the air became stifled. He seemed to have transformed into a panther that was waiting in the dark ready to pounce onto it’s prey.

“What are you talking about?” His eyes had a dangerous glint in them.

Jun Wu Xie casually stroked the fur of the little black cat, without even looking up, she said icily: “Some people do not want you to continue being the Crown Prince and are hoping for you to have an early demise. If you also think the same way and want to find an earlier release, just hit your head here against the stone table, no need to waste everybody’s time.”

Mo Qian Yuan’s mouth twitched slightly. He had always thought that she was a little outrageous but he just realized he had thoroughly underestimated her after experiencing her poison tongue first hand.

This little girl, couldn’t she say things properly? Did she need to say it in such a manner?

“This kind of words can’t be said so carelessly, I’ll just take it as I didn’t hear this.” He rubbed his wrinkled brows.

“Careless words? Well, since I’m already saying it I might as well continue. If you want to avenge your Mother and your maternal family, you have to live and keep your position as Crown Prince.” She slowly looked up with eyes that were filled with intensity looked at him straight which startled him.

“What do you know?” His eyes had a trace of panic in them.

“I know that you are a coward and a waste.” Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows.

“You!” Mo Qian Yuan was infuriated, he should not have spoken up for her just now!

“If you are not willing, then find all means and ways to survive. If not just raise your hands and surrender.” She retorted.

Mo Qian Yuan sucked in a deep breath, this little girl really knew where to stab where it hurts the most! As he had been drinking wine prior to this, he was light headed when he felt a sudden rush to his head. He stood up and flung his jug of wine into the floor.

It shattered into pieces as the strong smell of wine permeated the surroundings.

“You think I want this? Huh? Do you think I asked for it? So what about the title of Crown Prince? Hah! I don’t even want anything! My life, my position, they all don’t belong to me! Even my own father wants me dead! Everyone thinks that I’m an incompetent Prince! Who else in this world can save me? So what if I’m not willing? What can I do about it?”

He yelled with bloodshot eyes as he unravelled everything that had been plaguing him deep within. All the years of bottled up emotions came forth like a gushing spring.

“You’re right! I’m going to die soon! Going to die! What else can I do about it? I’m almost as good as dead! Tell me, what can I do?!!!”

Jun Wu Xie looked at him coldly as he flung about and wallowed.

“What if you do not need to die?”

“What?” He looked at her wide eyed. It was as though a sudden jolt of lightning had struck him.

“Well, to be more precise, not only do you not die, in fact you won’t die in the next few years or decades.” She corrected her own words.

“You…you…what do you mean?” He swallowed his saliva as he asked nervously, not daring to hear what he had wished for most.

Jun Wu Xie did not bother answering him as she impatiently said: “You’ve been poisoned right?”

“How did you know?” What was this little girl?! He was very surprised.

She furrowed her brows. She really wasn’t very good at explanations, might as well spend the time proving it instead.

“Little Black, hold him down.” She said as she suddenly threw the little black cat in her arms out.

Under the bright moonlight, the little black cat which was the size of her hand suddenly transformed – It’s body grew bigger in an instant and it became huge and strong panther as it pounced onto Mo Qian Yuan.

The unsuspecting Mo Qian Yuan who was standing there just moments before was now pinned onto the ground by a huge black panther. He was petrified as he stared with his mouth and eyes agape at the black panther on him, trying to digest what had just happened.

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