GDBBM – Chapter 668

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Chapter 668: “Deadly Land (3)”

“I am sure this ring is from the Middle Realm, but I cannot be sure if it is from the Twelve Palaces.” Fan Zhuo said.

Jun Wu Xie calmly replied: “Besides the Twelve Palaces, nobody else from the Middle Realm would find their way here.”

Initially, when the Twelve Palaces had secretly plotted to usurp the Dark Emperor’s treasures, they had naturally realized the grave dangers involved. They did not dare shoulder such a crime themselves and wouldn’t dream of revealing the fact that they knew the Dark Emperor’s tomb laid below the Heaven’s End Cliff to anyone else in the Middle Realm.

For all these people who died all the way down here, had to be people sent by the Twelve Palaces!

“At that time, every single person sent to come here into the Lower Realm to search for the Dark Emperor’s tomb were all top exponents in the Twelve Palaces. Unfortunately, even those highly skilled exponents succumbed to the nefarious dangers of this place, leaving their lives behind.” Fan Zhuo said, his mouth curling into a slight smile, barely showing just at the corners of his lips as his eyes studied the finely crafted spirit ring intently.

At that time, his parents had managed to break through the endless obstacles and dangers, finally discovering the Dark Emperor’s tomb. And the last thing they would have expected from the moment they located the Dark Emperor’s tomb, was that their most amazing discovery had instead sealed their fate, doomed to end in tragedy.

After managing to overcome endless dangers and obstacles this place made them face, they were finally eradicated by the very forces they had sworn loyalty to, which to Fan Zhuo just seemed like a great big joke!

What Fan Zhuo was thinking, exactly reflected what Qiao Chu and the others were feeling in their hearts. Upping seeing the spirit ring that had already lost its ring spirit, all of them were painfully reminded of their fathers’ fate at the same time.

If at that time, their fathers had not been powerful enough, would they have lost their lives to this terrifying place?

Would they have ended up just like this spirit ring’s owner, swallowed up by the innumerable sinkholes?

And died ignobly without a single trace…..

“Let’s just move on.” Jun Wu Xie stood up suddenly, and without saying much more, she unilaterally took up the lead once more.

The fiery hatred and sorrow stoked and burned deep within the eyes of Qiao Chu and the others. Now was not the right time to sink into hatred and vengeance. If they were not careful, the slightest misstep might turn them into a needless sacrifice.

Ye Mei and Ye Sha continued to take up the rear of the team. Their eyes were peeled as they surveyed everything that surrounded them. At the first instance of trouble, they would be the first to react.

“Have you noticed anything?” Ye Mei asked in a low whisper, discreetly to Ye Sha, as they advanced together with the rest of the group.

Ye Sha nodded slightly.

“This place, could only have been created by the hands of the people in the Dark Regime.”

Ye Mei clenched his jaw tight.

“Maybe we should persuade the Young Miss to leave. If this place was really created by the Dark Regime to honour our Lord, this place would most definitely turn out to be beyond our Young Miss’ capabilities to overcome. It would be impossible even for the two of us.”

They were born into the Dark Regime, and no one knew it clearer than them just exactly how powerful the Dark Regime was.

If the people from the Dark Regime had really deemed this place to be the Dark Emperor’s final resting place, they would have spared no effort and exhausted everything within their power, to stop anyone from tainting a single piece of the Dark Emperor’s treasures with their dirty hands!
Ye Sha hesitated a moment before he nodded his head. If Jun Wu Xie was to come to any harm, even if they had a hundred heads, it would not be enough for their Lord to cut off!

Ye Sha leapt in a flash towards Jun Wu Xie.

But Jun Wu Xie suddenly halted their advance by stopping in her tracks.

Before her eyes, several large pieces of black rocks could be seen. Those pieces of black rocks looked exactly the same as what Mu Qian Fan had put up for auction back at the Chan Lin Auction House, and they only differed in size.

Was this the same black rock that Black Silver could be smelted from?

Jun Wu Xie’s brows creased up slightly.

Mu Qian Fan had mentioned, the piece of black rock that he had brought back with him, had been found just along the cliff face at the bottom of Heaven’s End Cliff.

But they had already searched along the cliff face earlier, but they had not found any sign of the black rock. And she had not expected that after a whole day’s walk, she would come across so many pieces of the black rock among a sea of green moss!

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