GDBBM – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: “The Crown Prince (1)”

Jun Wu Xie sat there quietly with a pair of downcast eyes, without putting anyone in her sight as she sat there detached as if the commotion had nothing to do with her. She was austere and alone in a world of her own.

Elegant, pure and transcendent beauty were words that immediately appeared in their minds.

Those words which were initially tailored for Bai Yun Xian now seemed to fit her better.

Her reserved demeanor made her unapproachable but made one’s heart long to keep looking at her.

Although they hate to admit it but truthfully, the quiet Jun Wu Xie no matter in terms of demeanour or charm had risen significantly.

She had been very low-key, too low in fact that people had almost forgotten all about her but after placing her in sight and noticing her subtle changes, they could not help but be attracted to her.

Sneaking a peek at Jun Wu Xie and shifting their gazes to Bai Yun Xian…

Bai Yun Xian didn’t seem to be as elegant as they had previously thought.

It looks like the real ice cold elegant goddess position would be given to Jun Wu Xie. It was time for Bai Yun Xian to step down.

“Qian Yuan, you are drunk.” The Emperor frowned, he did not understand why the usually silent Crown Prince would suddenly speak up for Jun Wu Xie. He clearly remembered that this was only the second time they had met and previously when they met, Mo Qian Yuan did not have a good impression of her.

“Ah, yes, I’m drunk. Your son had drank too many cups of wine, I’ve let Imperial Father seen something funny. Please allow me to go back and rest first.” Mo Qian Yuan straightened himself up as he let out a faint smile.

“Go.” The Emperor bellowed.

Mo Qian Yuan no longer hesitated and immediately got up, raising his hand and waving away the servants who wanted to assist him. He narrowed his eyes as he hissed: “I still can walk myself, no one is to allowed to touch me!”

The manner which the Crown Prince left had instilled discontent in many.

Jun Wu Xie looked at his departing back as she pondered for a while amidst the toasts that were going on around, she spoke to her Uncle in a soft tone: “Uncle, I want to go out for some fresh air.”

Jun Qing was surprised for a moment, thinking back on how this niece of his was devoted to Mo Xuan Fei and looking at how lovey dovey he was with Bai Yun Xian now, she must be feeling miserable. He sighed loudly and said: “Go have a walk around but do not leave this Palace Wing. Don’t stay out too long.”


“Wu Xie.”


“Don’t be so sad over Mo Xuan Fei. He does not deserve you.”

“…………..” Jun Wu Xie’s steps froze midway.

How did he come to that conclusion? Which eye did he use and see that she was upset over that scum Mo Xuan Fei?

The moonlight streamed into the garden and brightly illuminated the pavilion which Mo Qian Yuan was as he chugged down wine straight from the jug. He was sitting on the stone chair as he smiled bitterly by himself.

“If you want to die early, go ahead and drink more!” A tender voice with a coldness broke the tranquility of the still night.

Mo Qian Yuan was very surprised. Under the moonlight, a beautiful young maiden dressed in a lovely yellow silk brocade holding a little black cat in her arms stood there. Surrounded by flowers and with the moonlight gently shining on her body, her delicate features against the surreal background, she looked like a fairy that had descended into the mortal realm.

“Jun Wu Xie?” Mo Qian Yuan’s lips curved upwards as he looked at her in a drunken stupor.

“I was still wondering who had the audacity to curse me, the Crown Prince to die early?”

Jun Wu Xie walked towards the pavilion, as the stench of alcohol assaulted her. She stopped just before entering the pavilion.

“Even if I don’t mention it, you will also die…moreover…how long more will you be able to stay as the Crown Prince?” She replied icily.

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