GDBBM – Chapter 649

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Chapter 649:  “Nobody Messes With My Patient (1)”

Suddenly, they were surrounded by several Beast Spirits, cutting off their route forward!

“ROAR! !” The black beast gave out a threatening roar. The other Beast Spirits leapt towards the black beast.

The black beast suddenly found himself battling with several other Beast Spirits.

“Go on! Run! Why are you not running anymore! ?” The pursuers caught up quickly, numbering about ten of them. They were all well built men and when they saw the black beast caught in a tangle with their ring spirits, their faces broke in gleeful smiles.

“The man’s ring spirit had already been defeated by us. This black beast here is not his ring spirit. We don’t know where it had sprouted out from, it seems that he has other companions around. Dispose of him quickly, to rid ourselves of more trouble.” The leader of the band of men ordered with a frown, watching as their Beasts Spirits battled with the ferocious black beast.

The huge black beast was heavily surrounded. It could have easily escaped with its superior speed but it had been bogged down with a severely injured Mu Qian Fan upon its back, who greatly reduced its agility and ease of movements. Besides having to stop the attacks of the other Beast Spirits, it still had to ensure Mu Qian Fan did not come under attack.

The other Beast Spirits were not targeting the black beast. After they managed to seal off the black beast’s escape, two lion type Beasts Spirits launched an incessant attack on the black beast from the front, while the other Beast Spirits circled around to the sides and back of the black beast, leaping towards Mu Qian Fan upon the its back!

“Roar!” Ignoring the attack coming from the front, the black beast suddenly stood up on its hind legs and swung its paw in a powerful swipe, smashing it onto the head of one of the other Beasts Spirits.

A loud smack resounded through the air!

That Beast Spirit was sent flying through the air and smashed onto the trunk of a tree. The overwhelming force bent the tree trunk and with a shudder, the trunk snapped!

At the same moment the black beast had sent the Beast Spirit flying out of the melee, the black beast had left itself open to attack from the other Beast Spirits. In that briefest of moments, the black beast found that a sizeable chunk of flesh had been torn from its underbelly by a smaller Beast Spirit that had slipped in under the chaos!

Even for a spirit body, having suffered from such an attack, would find itself in great agony.

The black beast dived into a roll to get out from the enemies’ encirclement and it stood up panting heavily, its body twitching from the pain it felt from its underbelly.

If not for Mu Qian Fan on its back, it would have swallowed all these pesky miscreants whole one by one!

Several cold gleaming flashes came streaking towards it and the black beast leapt away quickly as three arrows thudded loudly into the ground at the spot where the black beast had just been standing!

An archer had his bow strung and he had the arrow fully pulled back, aimed right at the black massive beast, a cruel smile on his lips.

“Poor beast, I had wanted to toy with you a little more but a pity our Boss has given the word that the man upon your back must die.” The archer sneered cruelly.

The black beast wished for nothing more than to tear the archer into shreds but the other Beast Spirits had once again surrounded it and was attacking from all directions. The black beast was slowly succumbing under the endless onslaught as more and more wounds appeared on its exhausted body, and it was unable to find a way out of its dire predicament!

“Leave me behind…..” Mu Qian Fan pleaded with the black beast, as his heart wrenched in pain. He knew he would not live through this and if this continued on, the black beast would be dragged down together with him.

His benefactor had saved his life, and he could not cause his benefactor’s ring spirit to sustain such heavy injuries!

The black beast knocked away another Beast Spirit that charged at it, not showing the slightest sign of releasing Mu Qian Fan.

Just in the band of men saw that the black beast was slowly sinking into their deathtrap, a sudden sky splitting roar tore through the earth!

All the leaves in the trees around them rustled loudly as the deafening roar reverberated around them!

The Beast Spirits that had the black beast hopelessly surrounded suddenly froze upon hearing the terrifying roar, and they found themselves trembling helplessly. Their tails drooped and curled up tightly against their bodies, their eyes suddenly filled with endless terror!

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