GDBBM – Chapter 650

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Chapter 650: “Nobody Messes With My Patient (2)”

The black beast was in great pain, but upon hearing the ear splitting beastial roar, its eyes lit up. It raised its head and looked in the direction the roar had come from!

The ten men standing on the sides had still not recovered from their shock when their eyes suddenly saw a gargantuan black silhouette appear under the cold moonlight charging recklessly right at them. The saw that swaths of trees were being crushed like toothpicks under the black silhouette’s unwavering beesline charge!

The ground below their feet trembled!

The cruel Beast Spirits’ tails curled up tightly, their ears flattened against their heads, and they quickly turned in retreat.

Under the illuminance of the cold moon, the black silhouette’s real looks were finally revealed before their eyes!

An immense and gigantic Spirit Beast towered over them before their eyes. Those supposedly “huge” Beast Spirits suddenly became miniscule and insignificant before the immense form of the Spirit Beast before them.

“What….. What in the world is that…..” The leader of the band of men stared wide eyed with his tongue twisted as he stared incredulously at the unimaginably enormous Spirit Beast, its pure white body was further illuminated in a glow by the moonlight shining down upon it, as its magnificent nine white tails waved mesmerizingly behind, but it was in turn the most horrendous sight, a unbelievable monstrosity that had just climbed out from the deep abyss to the enemies!

They had never seen a Spirit Beast so gigantic!

“It’s a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast! That is a true blue Guardian Grade Spirit Beast!” A scream sounded from among the men. None of them had expected that in such a faraway and deserted cluster of woods, would they come to encounter a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast only heard of in legends!

The group of men who had been ferociously aggressive suddenly found their legs go weak, their earlier bravado quickly seeping into the cold hard ground beneath their feet, in the face of the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. They were frozen in their spots, unable to move an inch, praying fervently that the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that towered over all of them would not notice their tiny and insignificant forms.

“There….. there is someone on top of the monster!” A sharp eyed man exclaimed loudly, suddenly raising up his hand, pointing at the head of the incredible massive Spirit Beast.

On top of the gigantic Spirit Beast, a tiny figure stood facing into the wind under the illuminating moonlight, staring at them with a pair of eyes that suddenly chilled them to their bones.

What shocked them further was when they discovered the figure standing on top of the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast was a human youth!

[How was that possible?] [Spirit Beasts could never be tamed, moreover, this is a legendary Guardian Grade Spirit Beast which possessed near human intelligence!]

Jun Wu Xie stood high upon Lord Meh Meh head as she stared down with undisguised contempt in her eyes at the bunch of trembling men below. Her frosty gaze turned and she saw the heavily panting black beast standing on one side, with an unconscious Mu Qian Fan slumped across its back, fainted from an excessive loss of blood. The garish sight of Mu Qian Fan covered in bright red blood, reflected in Jun Wu Xie’s chilling eyes.

“Did all of you, just injure my patient?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were slowly bubbling with rage as she turned them upon the band of hopelessly terrified men.

“Wh….. What…..” The leader of the men stammered inaudibly, as his teeth chattered loudly.

[Who was this youth! ?] [He was actually able to make a legendary Guardian Grade Spirit Beast completely subservient to him! ?]

“Who….. Who….. are you….. We are not your enemy…..” The man’s mind was in a confused whirl, and Jun Wu Xie’s words did not register on him.

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow arched dangerously, as her lips curled up into a slight murderous smile.

“What a shame, I merely feel like killing all of you.”

Her cold chilling words struck deep into the men’s hearts. Their minds screamed and they suddenly found their legs. They immediately turned around and ran heedlessly back the way they had come from.

They had clearly felt the chilling murderous rage emanating from Jun Wu Xie. They were not given to opportunity to find out why the youth had suddenly wanted to kill all of them, but that did not matter anymore. They knew one thing for sure…..

If they did not run immediately, their lives would be forfeit!

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