GDBBM – Chapter 648

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Chapter 648: “To Heaven’s End Cliff (3)”

Under the thick canopy of leaves, silvery moonlight shone through, creating droplets of glowing light upon the grass, looking like a reflection of the starry sky. Jun Wu Xie stood among the light quietly, allowing Lord Meh Meh to circle around her feet, relentlessly persecuting the innocent plant life around the area.

Suddenly, Jun Wu Xie detected a slight scent of blood in the air, and she frowned at the sudden offensive smell.

Under the darkness of night, the wind was tinged with a slight chill among the trees as it softly brushed Jun Wu Xie’s face, bringing with it the slight bloody scent.

“It’s human blood.” The little black cat exclaimed, its nose sniffing the air.

Jun Wu Xie stared in the direction that the smell was coming from. The mountain was completely deserted and not a Spirit Beast had been spotted. Even the most common beasts had not been sighted and when the scent of blood had so suddenly appeared here, it would invariably make Jun Wu Xie find it rather strange.

“Shall I go see?” The little black cat stretched, looking at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

The little black cat darted away and quickly disappeared.

At the little black cat’s departure, Lord Meh Meh who was still circling Jun Wu Xie’s feet only looked up once lazily, staring in the direction the little black cat had disappeared into a moment, before it lowered its head once more, and continued to graze on the grass.

It was quiet all around, only the swishing of the leaves in the wind could be heard.

Suddenly, Jun Wu Xie’s heart winced! That feeling gave rise to a strong feeling of unease in her heart. That was a signal transmitted from the little black cat!

Jun Wu Xie immediately picked Lord Meh Meh off the ground and ran quickly towards the direction the little black cat had disappeared into.

Among the dimly lit forest, a massive dark shadow was moving fast, weaving between the trees. Several arrows whizzed past the darting shadow, their sharp points driven deep into the tree trunks!

A massive black beast, agile like a panther, used the complicated terrain to its advantage, trying to shake off the pursuers’ attacks, coming from not far behind it.

Mu Qian Fan was covered in blood as it lay upon the back of the massive black beast. His blood covered fists gripped tightly onto the skin around the black beast’s neck as he vomited out mouthfuls of blood, staining the black beast’s jet black fur, a dark scarlet shade.

On his back, it was a just dark blotch of red. The clothes on his back were torn and several garish wounds were clearly visible, the cut up flesh, looking alarmingly gory.

As the black beast sprinted and leapt, it left behind a trail of blood behind, on the grass.

“I won’t make it….. You just escape on your own. With me dragging you down, they will catch up very soon.” Mu Qian Fan said weakly, the exertion making him cough out another mouthful of blood.

“GRRR!” The black beast growled, as if refuting Mu Qian Fan’s suggestion.

Mu Qian Fan gritted his teeth and released his grip. But, just as he was about to slip off the black beast’s back, the black beast’s tail curled tightly and held Mu Qian Fan against its back.

“My Mistress saved you, not to let you die in a place like this. Even if you don’t want to live on, you still must!” The highly anxious black beast spoke in human tongue and Mu Qian Fan’s eyes widened in shock, but he was too weak to say anything else.

He had been attacked earlier and just at the moment that he thought he was to die, he had suddenly spotted the little black cat that always accompanied Jun Wu Xie. Before he could even react in the slightest, the little black cat had suddenly transformed, turning into the massive black beast he was slumped across at the moment!

The black beast had pulled him out of his predicament and they had fled, but they had not been able to throw off the pursuit.

Seeing that the pursuers behind were about to catch up, Mu Qian Fan was feeling highly anxious, but he was at a loss on what to do!

Carrying Mu Qian Fan on its back, the black beast continued to sprint. But Mu Qian Fan was not like Jun Wu Xie, he was a full grown man and was heavy built. His hefty weight had greatly affected the black beast speed!

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