GDBBM – Chapter 647

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Chapter 647: “To Heaven’s End Cliff (2)”

Even Fan Zhuo did not know where his own Soul of Flames had originated from. He had inherited it from his mother who passed it down to him. Fan Zhuo was able to use it only because of their link in their blood ties.

Throughout history, it had remained a great mystery how Ring Forgers got their Soul of Flames as not a single Ring Forger had disclosed that fact to anybody.

Even Fan Zhuo’s mother had never mentioned it to Fan Zhuo before.

That had caused Jun Wu Xie to be unable to act on her desire stopping her from becoming a Ring Forger.

Dusk fell. The horse carriage was within the mountain roads. They had completed about half the journey and it was estimated that they would reach the Heaven’s End Cliff in another five days.

By now, Jun Wu Xie and her companions were far from civilization and there was nobody around them for a hundred miles. They couldn’t see a single town all around from their high vantage point and they haven’t even sighted a single person for miles.

Mu Qian Fan stopped the carriage at the side of the mountain road and Jun Wu Xie and the others stepped out from the carriage one after another. They lit a fire under a overhanging crop of rock and pitched their tents, getting ready to rest.

Although they had remained in the horse carriage all this while, but the ardours journey in the past ten days had greatly jarred their bones with the bouncy ride over much uneven terrain. Mu Qian Fan was recovering well from his injuries and more than half of the bandages that covered his body had already been removed. Although the new flesh that had grown over the wounds were badly scarred, but they were much less garish looking than before. His face was however still covered in bandages as there were times he needed to speak and it inadvertently tore at the skin, causing it to take a longer time to heal.

“I’ll go find some firewood.” Mu Qian Fan saw that night was approaching and he stood up and walked towards the trees.

“Mu Qian Fan is really such a great help. Throughout this journey, with the way he had been taking on all the tasks singlehandedly, I almost feel like an invalid person.” Qiao Chu said as he massaged his sore knees. In the first few days of the journey, he had wanted to help Mu Qian Fan with some of the chores but he had been flatly rejected and asked to go back to join the others.

Mu Qian Fan always fought to take on all the menial tasks and never allowed them to lift a finger.

“I’ll go check the vicinity to see if I can find a water source.” Rong Ruo stood up, and the Spirit Ring on her finger glowed. Hell Butterflies fluttered and danced in the air around Rong Ruo, as they emerged from the ring’s glow.

“I’ll go with you.” Fei Yan said, standing up after.

The duo followed the Hell Butterflies’ lead and walked towards where they might find a water source.

Lord Meh Meh stayed near Jun Wu Xie‘s feet, having chewed up all the grass into a bare patch. It was still unsatisfied and it was nudging Jun Wu Xie’s legs with its little wooly head.


[Lord Meh Meh….. still hungry!]

The little black cat translated Lord Meh Meh’s words for Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Xie raised her hand to pat Lord Meh Meh on the head.

Lord Meh Meh shouldn’t be blamed for its voracious appetite. In the day, they all remained within the horse carriage as the wheels rattled along. Sitting in the carriage, the humans were still able to nibble on the dried rations, but Lord Meh Meh only ate fresh greens. Although its body looked tiny at the moment, Lord Meh Meh’s real body was extremely huge and several square metres of grass would not be adequate for one meal. If they allowed Lord Meh Meh to have its fill every mealtime, their journey would take a whole lot longer.

“I’ll go take a look around.” Jun Wu Xie stood up. If it continued on like this, Lord Meh Meh would very soon protest.

Qiao Chu looked up at Jun Wu Xie with a laugh and nonchalantly reminded her to watch out for dangers before his hands quickly dived into the packs searching for dried meat, for him to roast them slowly over the fire.

In terms of powers, although Jun Wu Xie was not like them who could raise their levels to purple, but with the little black cat and Lord Meh Meh, her two ferocious protectors with her, Jun Wu Xie could very well be the one who possessed the most dominating might among all of them.

Jun Wu Xie walked towards the trees at the side with the little black cat in her arms as Lord Meh Meh followed happily, its hooves tapping on the ground, and its woolly tail bobbing behind.

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