GDBBM – Chapter 645

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Chapter 645: “Spirit Reinforcement (7)”

Realizing the condition her body was in, Jun Wu Xie was in no hurry to continue testing out the various effects of the Spirit Reinforcement runes further but she went on to record in detail the different effects of the over twenty runes the little black cat and Little Lotus had tested out earlier.

Besides fire and wind, most of the other Spirit Reinforcement runes strengthened or reinforced other abilities.

An example was what Fan Zhuo had mentioned. He knew of three types of Spirit Reinforcement runes which increased speed, strength, or durability. Jun Wu Xie had identified two sets of runes out of those three and discovered another two that made the spirit body extremely light and lithe or enabled them to mask their presence.

Different Spirit Reinforcement runes would give completely different effects. If the rune’s effects are well matched and properly applied, the result would most definitely be astounding!

Exhausted and sprawled flat upon the table, Jun Wu Xie completely relaxed her body to absorb more of the spiritual energy from the Snow Lotus.

Although she discovered how the Spirit Reinforcement could be used, and had understood some of the effects the Spirit Reinforcement runes gave, it was still a challenge to her if she intended to employ them in battle. The key thing was how she should attach the Spirit Reinforcement runes onto the bodies of the spirit bodies better, as its minute long effects would not be of much use in a battle.

As Jun Wu Xie contemplated on her thoughts sprawled on the table, she slowly drifted off into sleep. The little black cat was already so worn out and weary but it still valiantly pushed itself to its feet. It jumped up on the bed and bit on the blanket, dragging it to come next to Jun Wu Xie, struggling clumsily as it tried to cover the blanket over her.

After a series of exhausting attempts, the little black cat finally fell limp, flat upon the table. It shifted its body slightly, leaning against Jun Wu Xie’s hand and closed its eyes in blissful rest.

Early the next morning, Qiao Chu knocked on Jun Wu Xie’s room door. Jun Wu Xie was awoken from her sleep and she picked up the still sleeping little black cat before going to open the door.

“Little Zhuo told me to come ask you whether you want to watch him forge our Spirit Rings.” Qiao Chu asked, full of vigor as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. Fan Zhuo had helped Hua Yao and Fei Yan forge their Spirit Rings yesterday and it was his and Rong Ruo’s turn today.

Jun Wu Xie had not intended to go over, but after considering it a moment, she nodded her head.

Jun Wu Xie had a unique method of cultivating her spiritual powers and that enabled her to replenish and recover her powers quickly. However, that wasn’t the case for Fan Zhuo. He had forged Hua Yao’s and Fei Yan’s Spirit Rings consecutively and Jun Wu Xie was guessing that his spirit powers must have been quite badly drained. Based on her judgement, Fan Zhuo shouldn’t be able to continue with the forging of the rings today.

Jun Wu Xie walked over to Fan Zhuo’s room with the little black cat in her arms. When she saw Fan Zhuo, his condition did not look as bad as she had thought and his spiritual powers did not seemed to be that badly drained as well. Jun Wu Xie was puzzled and she made her doubts known by asking out aloud. Fan Zhuo was surprised, but he immediately smiled at her.

“Don’t forget that I am from the Middle Realm afterall. People in the Middle Realm are able to use a special method to raise their spirit powers. If I had used my spirit powers without that method, I would have collapsed after forging just one spirit ring.”

“A special method to raise your spirit powers?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyebrow arched. She had been very curious about Qiao Chu’s and the others’ ability to force their their spirit powers to reach the purple level after she had witnessed it the last time.

“Yes, it is something the people from the Middle Realm are born with.” Qiao Chu was nodding his head in agreement on the side.

“If you are interested to know more, I will tell it to you in more detail another day.” Fan Zhuo promised with a wide smile. Fei Yan and Hua Yao had left early that morning. They wanted to find an uninhabited location to test out their reforged Spirit Rings and see how strong their ring spirits had become.

“No rush.” Jun Wu Xie agreed easily. With her doubts cleared, she saw no point in remaining there and went right out of the inn. She wanted to look for materials that would allow her to apply the Spirit Reinforcement runes on spirit bodies for a longer period of time.

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