GDBBM – Chapter 646

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Chapter 646: “To Heaven’s End Cliff (1)”

Three days flew by quickly. Jun Wu Xie and all the others had prepared everything and they officially took the first step into their journey to the Heaven’s End Cliff.

With the addition of Mu Qian Fan, there was a total of seven of them on the trip. Jun Wu Xie purchased a large sized horse carriage and they all squeezed into it. She had intended to hire a coachman but Mu Qian Fan rejected the idea. The exact location of the Heaven’s End Cliff was not known to many people in the world and the less people who knew of its location, the better it was for them. He did it in order to prevent the location from being leaked, and also to not invite unnecessary trouble.

The task as the coachman, was taken up by Mu Qian Fan alone, and he politely refused when Qiao Chu and the others offered to take over for intermittent periods.

In Mu Qian Fan’s mind, having met Jun Wu Xie had already changed his life completely and he would put in his whole heart in his endeavours for her.

The Heaven’s End Cliff from Chan Lin Town would take about two weeks at least and they travelled tirelessly during the day, setting up camp to rest at night. They joked and laughed throughout the journey, making the long trip much more enjoyable.

Besides Jun Wu Xie, Fan Zhuo and the others’ Spirit Rings had been reforged. When Fan Zhuo had attempted to forge Jun Wu Xie’s Spirit Ring as the last one in turn, he had found that the Black Silver completely could not meld or take shape with her Spirit Ring and that phenomenon had greatly baffled Fan Zhuo, resulting in Jun Wu Xie being the lone one among the companions with her Spirit Ring still in its original state.

To be fair, Fan Zhuo was not to blame as the Spirit Ring that the Snow Lotus morphed into was invisible and even Jun Wu Xie could not see how it really looked like. She was not even able to ascertain its shape leaving Fan Zhuo feeling helpless with the Spirit Ring’s reforging.

Day by day, time passed. Throughout the journey, Jun Wu Xie experimented with all kinds of materials trying to lengthen the period the Spirit Reinforcement would take hold, but the results were still not too encouraging.

When Jun Wu Xie brought up the matter to Fan Zhuo, Fan Zhuo was shocked for a rather long while. When he tried to implement the few Spirit Reinforcement runes that Jun Wu Xie gave him on Qiao Chu’s, Rong Ruo’s and his own Spirit Rings, they had resulted in failure.

That had puzzled Jun Wu Xie quite a bit. She had tried by using water to write the runes and applied them on Rolly, and the effects had manifested. But when Fan Zhuo had implemented the same set of runes when he forged their rings, there had been no effect at all.

“Little Xie had discovered something so amazing but it can’t be put to good use. It’s really such a shame.” Sitting within the moving horse carriage, Qiao Chu was holding his hand over his chest, mourning the loss he felt. When he saw Rolly’s imposing and grandiose form, looking incredibly ferocious, covered fully in roaring flames from the Spirit Reinforcement, he had almost been delirious with joy! However….. it had been shortlived. The fact that it would not work when imprinted on the Spirit Ring disappointed him so badly he was about to cry.

“No worries. When Little Xie learns how to forge Spirit Rings, she should be able to reforge all of your Spirit Rings as well.” Fan Zhuo comforted Qiao Chu with a laugh before he turned to look at one side of the carriage, and saw Jun Wu Xie holding cinnabar and ink within her hands.

“I believe, Spirit Reinforcement and its runes, must be fully grasped by a person before it can be used or properly applied. I might have been able to fully duplicate the characters of the runes that you provided me with, but I am unable to confer the right kind of power behind it to make it work. Your intention to learn how to forge Spirit Rings is completely correct, or it would really be a big loss if this is not pursued fully.”
Having seen for himself what kind of power and possibilities that Spirit Reinforcement held, Fan Zhuo was anxious to impart to Jun Wu Xie his skills as a Ring Forger. He strongly believed that after Jun Wu Xie learnt everything he knew, she would definitely be able to create and forge Spirit Rings that would astound everyone.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. What Fan Zhuo said was exactly what she had in mind.

She had already picked up some basics of forging Spirit Rings from Fan Zhuo but she did not possess any Soul of Flames to experiment with. A Ring Forger’s Soul of Flames was one with the Ring Forger. Unless inherited from someone from the same bloodline, or it would be useless even if the Soul of Flames was put right into the hands of others.

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