GDBBM – Chapter 644

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Chapter 644: “Spirit Reinforcement (6)”

The little black cat’s mouth gaped open in surprise. It seemed like….. felt like….. Did it just….. sell Little Lotus out?

Without another word, Jun Wu Xie immediately summoned Little Lotus.

Little Lotus stood barefooted on the ground, his tiny face looking innocently at Jun Wu Xie. His eyes suddenly spotted the soundly asleep Lord Meh Meh on the bed and his pudgy body immediately shivered!

“Mistress….. is there anything you need?” Little Lotus asked obediently, discreetly shifting his tiny feet, to put as much distance as he could, between himself and the bed.

Little Lotus was still haunted by the horrifying memory of being chased and bitten by Lord Meh Meh the last time.

That time, if his Mistress had not dragged Lord Meh Meh off, he might very well have been reduced to become a tiny flower bud now.

“I have a task, to hand over to you and Little Black.” Jun Wu Xie said to Little Lotus.

Little Lotus nodded his head, agreeing readily, his chubby face breaking out into a brilliant smile.

“I will do my utmost for any task my Mistress assigns to me!”

The little black cat could not make itself look straight into Little Lotus’ eyes and it raised its paw to cover its face, hiding the guilt it felt in its heart.

In moments, Little Lotus would not be able to continue smiling so brightly anymore…..

The little black cat was still a little too naive. Although Jun Wu Xie had summoned Little Lotus, but that did not mean it had escaped the calamity.

Jun Wu Xie held a cup of water in her band and wrote a whole series of Spirit Reinforcement runes on the ground before making the little black cat and Little Lotus test out their effects concurrently. The two tiny miserable figures were so badly traumatised that they felt death might be easier for them. Soon, Little Lotus was in tears, but he had no choice but to continue testing out the various effects the Spirit Reinforcement runes gave while tears flowed down his cheeks and his nose ran continuously.

As she wrote out more and more Spirit Reinforcement runes, Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt her spiritual power gradually decreasing. After writing about twenty more characters, she found her spiritual powers completely depleted.

She panted slightly as she fell back onto the chair. She turned to look at the completely exhausted pair, the little black cat and Little Lotus, so tired that they could no longer stand up, and her brows creased up deeply.

In the beginning, she had not felt her spiritual powers deplete. But when the number of runes she wrote increased, she had suddenly felt her spiritual powers draining very quickly. But that phenomenon had not manifested when she had written those runes on paper.

“Composing Spirit Reinforcement runes drains a person’s spiritual power after all.” Jun Wu Xie contemplated rubbing at her chin. She had written a full page of the Spirit Reinforcement runes on a piece of paper and tried it on both the little black cat and Little Lotus earlier but there had been no effect at all.

It was rather obvious the Spirit Reinforcement runes would drain at one’s spiritual energy only when the runes could be applied onto a spirit body.

If the runes could not be applied, it did not deplete any spiritual energy. When she had used water to write those runes, as those runes could be transferred onto the bodies of the little black cat and Little Lotus, it had eaten at her spiritual energies.

When she came to that conclusion, many things became clear to Jun Wu Xie.

Little wonder when Fan Zhuo was forging the spirit rings, he needed to maintain an incessant and constant supply of spiritual energy. It would seem that Spirit Reinforcements whose effects lasted a longer period of time would require a much greater amount of spiritual energy.

Jun Wu Xie took out the Heaven’s Flask that contained the Water of Heaven’s Spring. Under the highly nourishing Water of Heaven’s Spring, the Snow Lotus was overflowing with spiritual energy. As Jun Wu Xie absorbed it into her body, the process greatly surprised her this time.

The speed that she absorbed the spiritual energies this time, had doubled from her usual speed!

The spiritual energy in her body was almost fully depleted and even under those circumstances, the gains made on her growth in spiritual energy levels was at a speed she had never experienced before!

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were thoughtful. “I had not thought that quickening the draining of my spiritual power would bring about such an unexpected result.”

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