GDBBM – Chapter 640

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Chapter 640: “Spirit Reinforcement (2)”

“The type I used on Brother Hua’s spirit ring increases the ring spirit’s speed and agility. Brother Hua’s ring spirit is the Double Headed Bone Snake and its movements are already quick and nimble. So if we increase its speed to bring it up into another level, then its prowess in battle would really be astounding. Besides being able to increase a ring spirit’s speed, the other two patterns increases strength and boosts resilience. According to what my mother told me, different sketches would bring different effects to the ring spirits and the more advanced the Ring Forger is, the more  types of sketches or patterns they would be able to employ, and thus, they were able to draw out more power from the ring spirits.” Fan Zhuo could not help but feel a bitter sense of regret.

When his mother had left, he was still very young, and he had not been able to gain more knowledge towards being a Ring Forger and from what he had managed to note down, were only the three types of enhancements with the runes.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes in thought. So Spirit Reinforcement could be used in such a manner as well? Although she was unable to understand what those runes meant, but if she was to try to decipher what they represented based on those short runes Fan Zhuo possessed, it just might not be that complicated.

And Fan Zhuo had said it himself, with different sets of runes engraved upon a spirit ring, it would bring about a different enhancement to the spirit ring.

Would she then be wrong to assume, that the runes themselves represented the different effects and results that they would bring about?

A whole string of speculations swam within Jun Wu Xie’s mind and a bold assumption came into her mind. Jun Wu Xie suddenly came to sit at the table, and grabbed at a banknote, quickly scribbling on the paper a series of cryptic and undecipherable characters on it. Judging by the shapes of those characters, they looked very similar to those runes imprinted within Hua Yao’s spirit ring.

“From here, how many of them do you recognise?” Jun Wu Xie had in an incredibly short period of time, filled up the entire sheet of paper, and quickly handed it over to Fan Zhuo.

Fan Zhuo took the paper from her and quickly scanned through it. “Among them, I recognise two of the characters. This and this.” Fan Zhuo pointed out two of the characters he was familiar with on the piece of paper. “This was what I used on Brother Hua’s spirit ring, and this one is what I use to enhance strength and power.”

Jun Wu Xie stared at the two characters Fan Zhuo had pointed out. In that big chunk of characters, their positions had followed no particular order and all the characters only appeared once throughout the page.

“Little Xie, where did you first see all these?” Fan Zhuo stared hard at the numerous and densely packed weird and strange ancient symbols. The others might not realise the implications behind what this represented, but it stood completely clear before him.

He only knew of three different sets of runes for the forging of spirit rings, but having seen what Jun Wu Xie had written on the piece of paper, there were more than a hundred more types!

With that many characters, what kind of terrible effects would they bring!? He did not dare to imagine. He deemed that even the most advanced Ring Forgers in existence, would not have grasped that many combinations.

Jun Wu Xie had never met any other Ring Forgers before, so how did she get to know all of this?

“I don’t remember.” Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes. From her young age, she had possessed a photographic memory, remembering everything that she saw. That man had coincidentally let her seen those runes and Jun Wu Xie had committed them all to memory with a quick glance at all of them. Although she had never found a use for them, they had all been indelibly imprinted into her mind.

If the truth was to be told, the runes that she had seen was way more than what she had written, what that man had brought in, was a goat skin ancient text that was about two fingers’ width thick. Those runes that she had quickly scribbled earlier, was just about two pages worth of its entire content.

“Are you able to use these runes?” Jun Wu Xie asked, looking at Fan Zhuo.

Fan Zhuo shook his head immediately.

“I do not recognize all these characters, if I am to recklessly use them on spirit rings, I do not know what kind of effects it will result in. If anything goes wrong, it may end up harming the ring spirits instead.”

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