GDBBM – Chapter 641

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Chapter 641: “Spirit Reinforcement (3)”

Jun Wu Xie gave up on the idea after hearing Fan Zhuo out. If these runes are similar to those on Hua Yao’s spirit ring, then it could very possibly bring about much greater effects to their spirit rings.

Unfortunately, they knew almost nothing about the meanings behind those characters, and there was no way they were able to put them to good use.

It was highly possible that they contained great power, were they then supposed to just watch that invaluable opportunity slip by right before their eyes?

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed in thought and she suddenly turned to look at Fan Zhuo.

“Teach me how to forge rings.”

Fan Zhuo was shocked and taken aback by the sudden request.

“You want to give it a try?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Fan Zhuo sighed and said: “If are really interested, after we come back from the Heaven’s End Cliff, I’ll teach it to you then. Alright?”


After coming to an agreement with Fan Zhuo, Jun Wu Xie did not say anything more on it, but just sat on one side, staring at the characters she had scribbled on the piece of paper, scrutinizing every single one.

Fan Zhuo, on the other hand, continued to forge spirit rings for the others.

Daylight faded and the darkness of night fell across the land. Qiao Chu and Mu Qian Fan returned fully loaded with bags and bags of equipments and many other things. After they stored everything  away properly, Qiao Chu could not wait a moment longer as he rushed to see Fan Zhuo, crowding round to watch Fan Zhuo forge the spirit rings.

The process of the forging of spirit rings was long and arduous. Just a single day was not enough for him to forge everyone’s spirit rings.

Jun Wu Xie watched and observed what the entire process of forging a spirit ring entailed, whatever else she wanted to understand would require her to slowly ponder and contemplate before she could gain a better understanding of it.

Back in her room, Jun Wu Xie sat at the table in the middle. The little black cat lay on the table looking at its Mistress seemingly thoughtful expression. Lord Meh Meh had just been well fed and it was lying on the bed with all four of its hooves splayed flat out, fast asleep.

“Were it an entire verse on a page, or short sentences jumbled up together…?” Jun Wu Xie said it out aloud as she was pondering. She had just stumbled upon a way to use Spirit Reinforcement but was still unable to bring it a step further, and it greatly frustrated her.

She thoughtlessly dipped her finger into her cup of tea, and traced out on the table with her wet finger, the symbols currently swimming endlessly in her mind.

The little black cat lying quietly at the side swished its tail lazily in the air. It was already late into the night, and Jun Wu Xie did not look the least bit sleepy, but it was already feeling weariness creep in. It stretched its body and stood up, taking two steps forward, wanting to leap off the table.

However, a sudden surge of a blazing hot sensation, shot up from under its paw!

The next moment, a ball of fire completely engulfed the entire little black cat!

“MEOW! ! !”


The sudden roaring and raging inferno shocked the little black cat into a shriek as all its fur stood up on their ends. It quickly leapt off the table but the ball of fire was still around its entire body. Under a series of meows and screeches, the little black cat darted and leapt all over the room, attempting everything it could to extinguish the fire on its body.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were wide with shock as she stared, seeing the ball of flames engulf the little black cat.

A few seconds later, the ball of flames suddenly disappeared. The little black cat was bathed in a layer of cold sweat, its claws dug deeply into the drapes at the window. Its sharp claws had torn up the curtains with two long stretches across it.


[What was that just now? It almost shocked meow~ to death!]

The little black cat jumped off from the drapes and snuggled deep into Jun Wu Xie’s arms, still trembling heavily, seemingly not fully recovered from the sudden shock.

“Are you alright?” Jun Wu Xie looked down at the little black cat in her arms. The phenomenon that had occurred on the little black cat earlier intrigued her endlessly.

“I don’t know….. Suddenly….. I just caught fire…..” The little black cat wailed pitifully. It had just wanted to go sleep, what went wrong?

Jun Wu Xie lifted the little black cat, and turned it all around to inspect it all over. She saw that the little black cat was completely unscathed, and its fur was still just as luxuriously smooth.

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  1. Tinchen says:

    ty for the chap
    little fluff ball OF FIRE!!!
    she will become a mage Q_Q

  2. Regina says:

    Hello! I love this novel and I made a character list that I want to share with you.

    Lin palace
    Jun wu xie -protagonist, spirit: snow lotus and the black beast (cat)
    Jun Xian – grandpa of jun xie
    Jun qing- uncle, able to walk thanks to JX
    Long Qi- general of Rui Lin Army
    Jun Wu Yao- Dark Emperor, in love with JX
    Ye Sha- saved life of JX, killed by people of the Palace of Flame Demons, his clone serves JX
    Ye Mei- servant of JWY

    Royal family of Qi kingdom
    Mo Qian Yuan- weak crown prince, now emperor
    Mo Xuan Fei – second prince , ex fiance of JX, dead

    Qing Yun Clan ( cloudy peaks)
    Mu Chen- A master that with hi disciples serves the Li palace to pay his debt to JX
    Rong Heng- disciple of MC
    Yun Xian- direct disciple of Qing Yun Clan’s Sovereign, was in relationship with MXF, poisoned works for JX

    Phoenix academy
    Yan Bu Gui- from the Palace of All Life, master of JX and of the others escaped from 12 places:
    Qiao Chu- sold the books for JX’s cultivation, helped JX to destroy Qing yun clan, his spirit is a bear named Rolly
    Hua Yao- able to change his body (bones), helped JX to destroy QIng yun clan, his spirit is Double Headed Bone Snake
    Fei Yan- a feminine boy, in team with JX
    Rong Ruo- a gentle masculine girl, in team with JX

    Zephyr Academy
    Fan Zhuo- adopted son of headmaster, since young sick because of poison, saved by JX, hiding from the 12 palaces, ringforger in team with JX
    Fan Jin- real son of the headmaster Fan Qi with a simple mind
    Yin Yan- ex-roomate of JX, in love with senior Ning, now works for JX
    Senior Ning Xin – fiance of Fan Zhuo, Daugher of vice headmaster, dead
    Master Gu Li Sheng- specialized in spirit healing
    Li Zi Mu- the only new disciple accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty thanks to JX, killed by JX during the hunt
    Qian Yuan He- teacher of beast department, despises JX
    Ah Jing- ex servant of Fan Zhuo, despises JX
    Lord Gu Ying- crudel youth who wants to find the tomb

    Other characters
    Mu Qian Fan- wounded man that has been at the Heaven’s End Cliff, grateful to JX, joins Rui li army
    He Chang Le – owner of the Chan Lin Auction House.

    I hope you find it useful. Bye bye 😊

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