GDBBM – Chapter 639

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Chapter 639: “Spirit Reinforcement (1)”

Even his gaze, did not dare to move from the Soul of Flames the slightest.

Hua Yao immediately brought a blue coloured high grade Spirit Stone he had prepared before Fan Zhuo’s eyes. Fan Zhuo put down the silver blade he held in his hand and retrieved a tiny set of pincers from within his robes to hold the Spirit Stone in its grip, before placing it on top of the spirit ring that was gradually solidifying in shape.

Time slipped by, like sand through one’s fingers. In seemingly just a blink of the eye, several hours had passed unnoticed, and a clear sheen of sweat could be seen covering Fan Zhuo’s face.

“It’s done!” As the smile that came upon Fan Zhuo’s lips set, he immediately used the pincers to remove the reforged spirit ring, closed up the bronze ball to store the Soul of Flames away properly, and proceeded to put the still slightly steaming spirit ring onto the table on one side.

The spirit ring that was reforged with Black Silver looked jet black in colour. Within that deep pure black, it glittered with an enchanting cold shine. A pure blue sapphire Spirit Stone sat quietly, embedded on top of the gleaming black spirit ring.

Hua Yao could not wait to pick the spirit ring up. He suddenly noticed, on the exterior of the spirit ring, were several patterns added on that he did not recognise. The patterns encircled the entire ring, hidden deep within the pure dark black, not easily noticeable.

“Spirit Reinforcement?” Jun Wu Xie had been observing the whole process intently and when she saw the patterns on the ring, she suddenly asked those words.

“What?” Fan Zhuo was stunned.

Jun Wu Xie pointed at the patterns on the spirit ring and said: “These are actually ancient runes, and they were used to strengthen or reinforce spiritual forms.”

Instead of calling them patterns, runes would be a more adept name for them.

Those exact patterns and shapes, she had seen them before. She had been very young then, and she had not combined souls with the black cat yet. That man at that time, had been busy researching and experimenting things associated with spirit forms, and how to improve on their state of being. In that era, that was a very contentious topic and that man had in order to thoroughly research it, searched through the entire world for all information connected to it.

And those runes, had been part of the materials collected for his research.

Jun Wu Xie had seen it once, and that man had told her then, that if he was able to decipher the meanings behind those runes, then all the questions about spirit bodies would become clear to them.

However, till the moment of that man’s death, he still had not fully deciphered the meanings behind those ancient runes, and had only achieved a rudimentary understanding of them.

To strengthen a spirit, drawing out more of the power from spirit bodies, was termed as Spirit Reinforcement then.

Although that man had only achieved a primitive understanding of the runes, he had still gone ahead and used his incomplete Spirit Reinforcement, to meld the little black cat’s soul into her body.

That man had employed many more runes than what was on the spirit ring currently. The limited number of runes on the Spirit Ring would at most only make up a short phrase.

“Little Xie? You know what this is?” Fan Zhuo asked excitedly of Jun Wu Xie, as if Jun Wu Xie had just said something really astounding.

“I wouldn’t say that I understand it, but I have seen it before.” Jun Wu Xie explained, shaking her head. That man had not allowed her to come into contact with anything that had to do with his research of spirit bodies, hence, although she had seen it before, she had not had the chance to gain a deeper understanding of them.

“Don’t tell me you have met other Ring Forgers?” Fan Zhuo asked, looking inquiringly at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head again.

Before Fan Zhuo mentioned about Ring Forgers earlier, she had not known that such a profession actually existed.

Fan Zhuo went on to explain: “The design of the patterns employed here, are used by Ring Forgers to incite and draw out the powers of the spirit rings. What they actually mean or do is unclear to me. My mother had left me a total of three drawings for the different patterns and designs, and each pattern gives a different effect.”.

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