GDBBM – Chapter 638

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Chapter 638: “Spirit Rings (3)”

Spirit rings were morphed from ring spirits, a mirage formed from the coalesced form of a spirit, and it was only when the contracted human used his own spiritual power to envelope the spirit ring, that it could be removed. This was the only way that a spirit ring could be removed from its human owner while remaining in its spirit ring form.

Removing one’s own spirit ring, posed a great danger to that person. The ring spirit would not be able to break the link, and only with the human owner’s conscious efforts would he be able to allow the ring spirit to temporarily leave his body. The ring spirit when detached from the human owner in its spirit ring form, would be extremely weak and vulnerable, unable to even transform into its ring spirit form. While in that state, the link between the human and the ring spirit would be at its most tenuous and delicate and if the human was attacked at that time, the ring spirit would not be able to do anything to retaliate in the slightest.

By the same logic, if any villain were to do anything towards the destruction of the ring at that time, it would also inflict great harm and trauma upon the ring spirit.

Hence, the forging of a spirit ring, was a process that exposed one to unimaginable danger, and if the Ring Forger was not someone that was completely trustworthy, no one would ever dare to hand over their spirit rings that easily.

Those who seeked out the Ring Forgers, would always have trusted companions watching over the Ring Forgers throughout the process, to prevent any mishaps.

Fan Zhuo received the spirit ring carefully from Hua Yao’s hands and gingerly held it in his palm. He carefully shifted the ring and moved it over the Soul Flame and the spirit ring that was enveloped with spiritual power glowed a little more intensely. The spirit ring was suspended above the Soul of Flames and as the flames licked at the spirit ring, the colour of the spirit ring took on a mystifying change.

Hua Yao’s ring spirit was a Double Headed Bone Snake and when it morphed into its spirit ring form, it took on a silvery white colour. But under the burning heat of the Soul of Flames, its silvery white colour took on a slight tinge of red all over it.

This was a reaction caused by the spirit ring being scorched under the Soul of Flames.

Even the ever calm and collected Hua Yao was watching it intently as a drop of sweat ran down his face.

It was not that he did not trust Fan Zhuo, but he could not help being cautious about his own spirit ring.

Fan Zhuo held the Soul of Flames in one hand, while he took out a thumb sized razor sharp blade with his other. The blade gleamed a bright silver in the dim light, looking extraordinarily sharp. Fan Zhuo swiped the blade gently over the piece of Black Silver placed upon the table and picked up the cut tiny sliver of Black Silver with the blade’s point, slowly and carefully laying it atop the surface of the spirit ring.

A black light speckled with seemingly tiny cold glittery stars began to flow as the Black Silver gradually liquefied under the burning Soul of Flames, slowing dripping down to gradually cover the entire surface of the spirit ring. The black liquid shone with a metallic gleam, reflecting the glow from the Soul of Flames, as it flowed to completely envelope the spirit ring.

Hua Yao held his breath, his eyes staring unwavering at the spirit ring, his entire body tensed.

The seconds passed, running into minutes, as Fan Zhuo’s hand that was holding up the Soul of Flames continued to exert a constant and unwavering amount of spiritual power, covering over everything held in his palm, and controlling the intensity of the Soul of Flames with his spiritual power. At the same time, his spiritual powers were also being employed onto his other hand, controlling the dripping liquid Black Silver by exerting just the right amount of spiritual power, to carefully and meticulously push out just enough liquid Black Silver onto the spirit ring, a tiny bit at a time.

The Soul of Flames, on its own, produced no heat. If a human hand were to touch it, they will not be burnt in the slightest. But this type of flame to spiritual forms, if they came into contact, would inflict upon them, unbearably high temperatures.

All Ring Forgers, would never touch the Soul of Flames physically. Even when it would not cause any damage to their souls, it would nevertheless cause their own to become highly irritable and be unable to calm down, or to properly control their spiritual powers to properly carry out the forging of the spirit ring.

Above the Soul of Flames, an invisible power seemed to be present, directing the liquified Black Silver, to wrap itself around the spirit ring, moulding the easily yielding black liquid to seamlessly cover its entire surface.

“Spirit Stone.” Fan Zhuo asked, his eyes unusually stern. As he spoke, his body did not move a single inch.

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