GDBBM – Chapter 637

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Chapter 637: “Spirit Rings (2)”

“Change its form?”Jun Wu Xie asked, with an eyebrow raised.

Ring Spirits, according to what she knew, came in three types. At the moment, she knew of just these three types, weapon spirits, beast spirits, and the other type was what she possessed, a plant type ring spirit.

The first two types of ring spirits had a fixed form and weapon spirits and beast spirits were unable to change them. But plant spirits did not seem to fall within the same restrictions.

Fan Zhuo seemed to correctly guess at Jun Wu Xie’s doubts and he said: “Plant ring spirits are different from the other ring spirits. Although spirit rings forged with Black Gold will enable the other two types of ring spirits to acquire the ability to change their form, but….. it is different from your ring spirit. They cannot take human form like yours but achieve certain changes to their shape and appearance. Take a beast type ring spirit for example, after reforging its spirit ring, it can shed its beastial form and transform into a weapon, or even take the shape of armour.”

“That just sounds, really tempting.” Fei Yan rubbed at his chin, wishing he could get his hands on a piece of Black Gold instantly to put it to the test.

“Black Gold might give people an unbelievable boost to their powers, but the material is much too rare. To my knowledge, within each of the Twelve Palaces, people who possess Black Gold spirit rings number less than three, and in some of the palaces, only the Lord of the Palace possessed it. To forge a spirit ring with Black Gold, it needs an advanced and highly skilled Ring Forger to personally work on it, even if you gave me the Black Gold now, I will not be able to produce a spirit ring with it.” Fan Zhuo said honestly. The forging of spirit rings he had learned from his mother had been limited and advanced and highly skilled Ring Forgers were very small in number in the Middle Realm. Most of them have already been divided among the Nine Courts and Twelve Palaces, and common people would rarely even meet one in their lives.

“Don’t think too much on it. To even have a Ring Forger willing to forge our rings for us, we are already feeling greatly blessed.” Hua Yao said, rapping Fei Yan on the top of his head.

Fei Yan protested mournfully: “I was only just saying it. The fact that Little Zhuo is willing to even forge our spirit rings for us, already makes me feel greatly indebted to him.”

Fan Zhuo looked at Jun Wu Xie and said: “I have with me some equipment used for the forging of spirit rings left by my mother. We can begin immediately with the Black Silver in hand, but…..” Fan Zhuo eyes showed a sliver of doubt.

“My mother had never thought me how to forge a plant type ring spirit’s ring. So….. Little Xie, for your spirit ring, I intend to leave it till the last as I am not sure if it will succeed. Because, if it fails, it might inflict a certain level of harm to your ring spirit.”

Plant type ring spirits, no matter where they were, rarely existed. Even Fan Zhuo, who received tutelage from a genuine Ring Forger, did not dare recklessly attempt it.

“As you wish.” Jun Wu Xie replied, she did not mind the order of her turn.

She was more intrigued by the process of the forging of the spirit rings. Ring spirits from a certain perspective, were a form of spirits. The forging of spirit rings was in essence, employing a special method, to amplify a spirit form’s power. To someone like Jun Wu Xie who had previously undergone a joining of spirits, understanding the mysterious and profound secrets behind the phenomenon would be much more valuable to her.

Soon, it was decided that Hua Yao’s Double Headed Bone Snake would be the first to undergo the reforging of the spirit ring. Hua Yao was from the Bone Shifters’ Tribe and his Double Headed Bone Snake was deemed stronger in both durability and healing than Fei Yan and the others, which made Hua Yao the ideal choice to take the first spot.

Fan Zhuo did not drag his feet either and immediately removed a hollow bronze ball hanging by the side of his hip. The bronze ball looked normal on the outside, and none of them had expected that a deft twist under Fan Zhuo’s hands, the bronze ball would open up to reveal a burning green ball of flames within it!

“This is Soul of Flames used exclusively for the forging of spirit rings. Only under this flame, will a spirit ring meld with the Black Silver flawlessly.” As Fan Zhuo explained, he nodded his head at Hua Yao.

Hua Yao held his breath and concentrated all his spiritual power into his spirit ring. A light glow completely enveloped the spirit ring and Hua Yao carefully removed it from his finger, finally handing to over into the hands of Fan Zhuo!

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