GDBBM – Chapter 636

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Chapter 636: “Spirit Rings (1)”

It was the first time that Mu Qian Fan saw a youth being so easy and generous with his money. Even after Qiao Chu dragged him all the way out of the inn, his eyes were still staring blankly.

When Fan Zhuo and Rong Ruo got back, Qiao Chu had already left with Mu Qian Fan. The big slab of black rock had only yielded them a tiny palm sized piece of Black Silver.

“Dumb Qiao has gone out to buy things that we will need at the Heaven’s End Ciff, so when will you be able to begin the things on your end?” Fei Yan asked, looking at the tiny piece of Black Silver. The price of Black Silver was also very high in the Middle Realm, although not exactly priceless and invaluable, it was nevertheless still a prized item hard to come by.

They had still been very young when they were in the Middle Realm. They had heard about Black Silver from their elders then, but had never seen it physically before.

“Little Zhuo, can you really forge us spirit rings with it?” Hua Yao asked, picking up the piece of Black Silver.

Fan Zhuo said smilingly: “The way people forge spirit rings in the Middle Realm differ from how they do it in the Lower Realm. Ordinary people would not be able to really draw out the real power within a spirit ring while in the Middle Realm, there is an unique profession, named Ring Forgers. Only a real Ring Forger possesses the ability to forge a genuine spirit ring and my mother happens to have been one of them, a Ring Forger. In the period that she had remained in the Lower Realm when my father was not around, my mother had taught me a little about it when she had the time.”

“Ring Forgers?” Jun Wu Xie lifted her eyes and looked at Fan Zhuo. It was the first time she was hearing that term.

Upon hearing it, Fei Yan was getting rather excited.

“I have heard of Ring Forgers before. It was said Ring Forgers were extremely scarce in numbers and each of the Twelve Palaces employed their own Ring Forgers. The more powerful the Ring Forger himself was, the spirit rings he forged would be more powerful! But I have never met a Ring Forger before, and I would never have expected that Little Zhuo would be a descendant of a Ring Forger!”

Fan Zhuo smiled bashfully and said: “The benefits a Ring Forger can give is way more than that. You will know what I am talking about after I finish forging your spirit rings.”

Just being able to increase their spiritual power and battle prowess does not make someone a Ring Forger.

“Little Zhuo, why didn’t you forge your own spirit ring?” Fei Yan asked, spotting the spirit ring on Fan Zhuo’s finger. It was the same as theirs, common and no work had been done on it.

Fan Zhuo raised his hand, and looked wistfully at the spirit ring on his finger because saying with a smile on his lips: “Before this, I didn’t even know how long more I had to live, and I did not even give forging my spirit ring the slightest thought.” Upon finishing his statement, his eyes turned to Jun Wu Xie.

He had already given up hope then, but he had been dragged out from the abyss of despair. When one lived with hope before him, he would finally be strengthened by motivation to advance in life.

Fei Yan’s mouth gaped open, feeling that he had touched on a rather negative topic. He cleared his throat slightly and patted Fan Zhuo comfortingly on the shoulder and said: “You have us with you in the days ahead. On the road towards the future, we will walk together.”

Fan Zhuo nodded with a wide smile on his face.

“Actually, besides the issue on survival, I had nothing suitable in my hands to forge any spirit rings. Using common metals for the forging will only give the spirit rings insignificant effects and although spirit rings can be repeatedly reforged, but without good material, it would not be able to draw on the Ring Forger’s abilities. But we do not have to worry about that now as we have enough Black Silver. A pity we do not have Black Gold. If we had Black Gold, the effects would be greatly amplified.”

“Black Gold…..” Hua Yao froze a moment.

“What is that?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“Hua Yao narrowed his eyes to say: “Black Gold is an extremely rare and invaluable metal. Even within the Twelve Palaces in the Middle Realm, only a rare few people were able to have their spirit rings forged with Black Gold. I had once heard, that when spirits rings are forged with Black Gold, its effects would exceed merely just adding on power and might. Besides raising their ring spirit’s spiritual power and battle strength, they can….. even change the form their ring spirits take.”

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