GDBBM – Chapter 627

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Chapter 627: “Being Coquettish? (1)”

Jun Wu Yao’s appearance made Jun Wu Xie’s life a little different. She had gone to Chan Lin Town previously with the intention of finding a suitable stove for her cultivation of elixirs. She had not expected to only be able to find just one dilapidated and tattered copper one. While she was putting the shabby elixir stove to use, Jun Wu Yao stood leaning lazily on the door frame, watching her.

“How could my Little Xie be using something so inferior?” Jun Wu Yao walked slowly towards Jun Wu Xie. With Jun Wu Xie’s gaze on him, Jun Wu Yao raised his hand and a ball of black mist formed in his hand. He moved the ball of black mist to completely engulf the tiny stove and the black mist began to swirl, like a tiny tornado.

“…..” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were cold as she saw her only elixir stove disappear into thin air.

Jun Wu Yao smiled and said: “Touching things like this, will only dirty your hands.”

Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly: “There were elixirs in there.”

She had worked on them throughout the night and had barely just managed to almost complete one batch of elixirs. Just as she had been about to take them out, they were suddenly crushed to dust by this person!

Those cold chilly eyes flashed with displeasure, and she glared at Jun Wu Yao, silently accusing him of his banditry.

The stove might be worthless, but the elixirs in it were worth a lot of money!

Jun Wu Yao’s smile stiffened up when he saw the fiery glare of displeasure thrown at him by the girl before him. He cleared his throat and put on his smile once again, before raising an arm wanting to pull Jun Wu Xie into his arms.

However, Jun Wu Xie quickly jumped three steps back, pulling the distance between them further.

The accusation in her eyes began to intensify!

[Return me my elixirs!]

Jun Wu Yao sighed helplessly and tried to appease Jun Wu Xie: “Don’t be angry, I’ll replace one for you. How’s that sound?”

Jun Wu Xie stared at him a moment more, before he slowly nodded.

“I’ll get you the best one, how about a hug as thanks?” Jun Wu Yao smiled as he offered with his hands stretched out.

Just as he was waiting for Jun Wu Xie to fall into his arms in his sweet embrace…..

Jun Wu Xie stood unmoving from her spot, shaking her head, vehemently putting up a stance of “I don’t want!”

It seems that in the period that they had spent apart, Jun Wu Xie had not only shown rapid progress in her spiritual powers, but even her emotional maturity had soared?

Realising that he would henceforth no longer be able to dupe Jun Wu Xie into anymore “gifts” as thanks, Jun Wu Yao was suddenly feeling rather aggrieved.

[Just which damned scoundrel had caused his little darling to suddenly mature so quickly with her emotions?]

“It’s supposed to be an apology, I do not need to thank you.” Jun Wu Xie lifted up her chin, and said to Jun Wu Yao with a serious expression on her face.

“…..” Jun Wu Yao did not react a moment, then he suddenly laughed out loud.

So, his little darling had still not discovered his mischevious intentions behind his requests for “gifts” in thanks, but it was just that her own sense of logic was a little different from others.

“Yes, yes….. An apology.” Jun Wu Yao said with a smile, suppressing the mirth within. They have a long way ahead into the future, and he possessed endless rare and precious goodies. There were still many opportunities for him to claim his “gifts” of thanks.

Jun Wu Xie nodded affirmatively again, her face stern.

Although Jun Wu Yao was her brother, but the fact was that he had broken her one and only elixir stove she had, together with the elixirs she had so painstakingly made. He must compensate her with a new elixir stove as she did not have the time to go back to Chan Lin Town to find a replacement.

Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie’s stern and serious expression, and the mirth suppressed within him almost burst out.

Was his little darling being coquettish here?

“You just wait right here, I’ll go find something to compensate you.” Jun Wu Yao stepped out of the door in great spirits, having gained a new insight into Jun Wu Xie’s reaction.

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