GDBBM – Chapter 628

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Chapter 628: “Being Coquettish? (2)”

Jun Wu Xie stared after Jun Wu Yao’s departing back and sat down silently on a chair with the little black cat in her arms.

“Under the skies, I think only you dare to speak to that Demon King in such a manner.” The little black cat said as it lay in Jun Wu Xie’s arms, slowly licking at its paws.

[Make Jun Wu Yao offer a gift in compensation and apologise? How utterly bold!?]

Jun Wu Xie might not have noticed it, but it had seen it clearly. No matter whether it was Qiao Chu, Hua Yao, Fei Yan, Rong Ruo or Fan Zhuo, all of them had all without any exception, acted like mice upon seeing a cat, not even daring to breathe loudly before Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao had stayed at the little bamboo grove for almost two weeks. Besides the so incredibly dense Fan Jin that the little black cat had always covered its eyes with its paw, unable to watch, Fan Zhuo had not dared to give Jun Wu Yao a single task to do. Fan Zhuo had suddenly very self consciously picked up a broom on his own and swept up the yard everyday himself, not even giving Jun Wu Yao the chance to lift a finger in the bamboo grove’s daily upkeep.

In regards to the matter of obliterating the stove, if it had happened to anyone else, it would be perceived as “bestowing benevolence”.

No one would dare breathe a word of complaint and would even clap and cheer for its destruction.

But when it came to Jun Wu Xie, a replacement of a brand new one was needed.

What a disparity in the treatment!

“Did I, go slightly overboard there?” Jun Wu Xie asked, frowning deeply.

The little black cat was stunned, unable to find the words to reply.

Jun Wu Xie’s brows were deeply creased, she really did not know how to handle these relationships between family members.

“I had not really expected him to compensation me, but I really do not have anything else I could use.” Jun Wu Xie fell into a line of thought that greatly frustrated her.

She had not meant to make things difficult for Jun Wu Yao, it was just….. without a stove, she would not be able to produce elixirs. And if she could not produce elixirs, she would have no money. If she had no money….. she would not be able to gather the things she needed, in preparation for their trip to the Heaven’s End Cliff.

Towards Qiao Chu and his gang’s ability to earn money, she held absolutely no hope in that area.

The little black cat opened its mouth, looking at its Mistress, it suddenly started to berate itself. It raised a paw up….. and slapped itself across the face.

[How dumb! I’ve been really dumb!] [When the Demon King was leaving, he had obviously been in such high spirits, the expression on his face showed that he was endlessly pleased with himself. There wasn’t the slightest tinge of regret or aggrievement then, the Demon King had been extremely happy! So, what was it exactly saying to its Mistress now! ?]

The little black cat wanted to cry, it had just wanted its Mistress to realise that Jun Wu Yao was in actuality not related to her by blood, and should not be considered as a real family member. It was different from Jun Xian and Jun Qing. Jun Wu Xie must realise that Jun Wu Yao’s excessive indulgence showered upon her was different from what her real family members gave her! She must realise the dangers involved!

It had intended for Jun Wu Xie to distance herself from Jun Wu Yao a little, but it had not expected its Mistress’ mind to take a completely different path from its own, reading the entire situation wrongly!

[The Demon King is really adept at manipulating people!] [With its Mistress cold and unapproachable personality, how did she get pulled into this incomprehensible sibling relationship!?]

Jun Wu Xie was still mulling on her new and unfamiliar “relationship” problems, while Jun Wu Yao on the other hand, was leaving the little bamboo grove, feeling highly energised.

Ever since he came to the Zephyr Academy, Jun Wu Yao had remained within the little bamboo grove’s tiny dwelling the entire time, to foster and nurture the “relationship” with Jun Wu Xie. Now that he had just stepped out of the dwelling, he suddenly heard a clamour of noises break out.

Within the quiet and tranquil grove of bamboos, it was not known when a group of blushing girls had appeared. They were all dressed in the uniforms of the Zephyr Academy, and every single one of them was shyly hidden behind the dense bamboo growth, their bashful eyes peeking timidly at Jun Wu Yao, who had just appeared at the gates into the dwelling in the little bamboo grove.

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