GDBBM – Chapter 626

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Chapter 626: “Inviting Trouble (3)”

“What you are saying, is if you become the Headmaster, then the issue will be resolved?” Gu Ying asked, as his eyebrow arched alarmingly, and he licked off the drop of blood on the dagger, his eyes suddenly aflame with murderous lust.

Ning Rui was deeply gladdened when he heard that but he showed only servility on the surface.

“You can also interpret it like that.”

“Where is this Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy? I will just go and kill him off for you.”Gu Ying said easily.

“Just….. getting rid of him alone might not be enough. The Zephyr Academy has its rules. If the Headmaster dies, then the position of the Headmaster will be inherited by his son. The current Headmaster has two sons, so even if the Headmaster dies, his position will be handed down to his two sons, and I will be excluded from it.” Ning Rui explained.

Gu Ying frowned in impatience.

“Why are you so long winded? I’ll just kill them all and be done with it.”

“Yes….. yes…..” Ning Rui nodded obediently, but hidden deep within his eyes, was a vicious cold chill.

He had originally wanted to ursurp the position of Headmaster through his own devices, but Ning Xin’s death had caused him to develop a venomous hatred for Fan Qi and the Lin Palace.

If he had taken over the Zephyr Academy through his own means, he might still have been able to retain the academy as a whole. But at this moment, he couldn’t care less anymore, he just wanted vengeance for Ning Xin, and he would still do it even if it meant pushing the entire Zephyr Academy over into the abyss!

Even without the Zephyr Academy, he could still depend on Gu Ying and his companions, to help him gain footing in the world.

Although he wasn’t very clear on where Gu Ying and his companions had come from, he knew one thing for sure, they held greater power than anyone he had ever seen. He had been eyeing the position of Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy before, but now, since he had decided to sacrifice the entire academy, then.…. He will need to acquire more bargaining chips, and show Ju Ying and his companions, what he was capable of.

“Just killing the Fan Family’s father and sons, would most undoubtedly be no challenge to my Lord. There is one more thing, that I will need to report to my Lord Gu Ying.”


“Some time ago, my Lords had asked me about the Spirit Healing Technique. I have just begun to have a few clues about it. Moreover, just recently, something else happened. The Spirit Healing Technique was originally only fully mastered by Gu Li Sheng alone, but just recently, he had suddenly accepted a disciple, and he declared to everyone that that disciple’s achievements in the Spirit Healing Technique was more advanced than his was. I heard rumours that that disciple had made improvements to Gu Li Sheng’s Spirit Healing Technique and it has already shown some results.” In order to gain more bargaining chips in his favour, Ning Rui unreservedly sold out Gu Li Sheng and Jun Xie to Gu Ying.

Upon hearing that, Gu Ying broke out into a sinister smile.

“That is rather interesting to hear. The Elders are rather interested in the Spirit Healing Technique. If the two people you mentioned really turn out to be useful, we will naturally not shortchange you. Killing the Headmaster and his sons was easy, but as to the details on how to arrange for all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy to go down the Heaven’s End Cliff, I will first need to discuss it with the Elders. And if that is the case, I will first go with you to go see this Gu Li Sheng and his disciple in the meantime.”

Upon deciding, Gu Ying immediately turned to Ning Rui and said: “Make arrangements for me to enter the Zephyr Academy. For such a simple matter, I believe you will have no problems right?”

Ning Rui quickly nodded.

Gu Ying waved his hand dismissively and said: “Go make the necessary arrangements, I will be coming to the Zephyr Academy in a few days.”

“Yes, I will work on it immediately.” Having received Gu Ying’s word of commitment, Ning Rui hastily excused himself.

As he turned to leave, the venomous malice in his heart, was already spilling out from his eyes.

[Fan Qi, I will first take the lives of you and your sons’, in repayment for my daughter’s.]

Rui Lin Army….. Jun Wu Xie….. None will be spared, just all of you wait!

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