GDBBM – Chapter 621

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Chapter 621: “Personal Attendant (3)”

Fan Jin subconsciously glanced at Jun Wu Xie, but he did not detect anything abnormal on Jun Wu Xie’s face. When he thought back to the havoc the Rui Lin Army’s had caused the Zephyr Academy the day before, he quickly wrongly assumed that that person was someone the Jun Family had arranged for as they were worried about Jun Wu Xie’s safety, with her being alone outside.

The Jun Family of the Qi Kingdom were really something! Even a simple attendant of theirs looked… so highly imposing!

“Cough….. It is just great that you are here now. The little dwelling here only has Fan Zhuo and Little Xie. They are both still rather young, and with you here, you will be able to take care of a few things for them.” Fan Jin said amicably with a laugh, completely treating Jun Wu Yao as Jun Wu Xie’s….. attendant.

Fan Zhuo glanced at his own brother once, and let out one big sigh.

[Although that was what the youth was telling you, but didn’t you notice? No matter whether it is the poise and mannerisms, or the imposing aura emanating from him, they were both not what an average man could ever hope to compare with. If such an elite was really a mere attendant, then Jun Wu Xie’s family background would be absolutely astounding! But not even royalty of nations and powers, would be able to hire someone like this.]

“I will naturally have them properly cared for.” Jun Wu Yao turned and looked at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes filled with adoration.

“The room that Ah Jing used to stay in is currently vacant, so why don’t you just stay here? There was nobody to manage this place previously and I had to ask Uncle Gong to send their three meals here daily all this while. We can save him the trouble from now on. You don’t need to prepare Little Zhuo’s medicinal cuisine, you will just need to take care of Little Xie’s meals.” Fan Jin started making arrangements with a laugh, in obtuse ignorance. He was thinking that the attendant belonged to the Jun Family after all, and he should not trouble him to take care of Fan Zhuo as well, but getting him to take care of Jun Wu Xie’s needs alone shouldn’t be too much to ask.

“So….. can you cook?” Fan Jin hesitated a moment before he asked, as he stared at the handsome Jun Wu Yao. The youth standing before him held more poise than the richest young masters in the Zephyr Academy, and that made him wonder if the attendant was able to handle menial tasks of life’s daily necessities.

Jun Wu Xie was just about to say something in reply when Jun Wu Yao immediately said: “Yes.”

Jun Wu Xie turned to Jun Wu Yao and looked at him with her eyes filled with a strange new glow in them.

“Haha, that’s great! I’ll bring you to the kitchen. If there is anything lacking, just let me know, and I’ll have it sent over.” As he spoke, Fan Jin raised his arm and was ready to pat Jun Wu Yao on the shoulder when his gaze met Jun Wu Yao’s smiling eyes. His arm froze, and somehow, he just could not seem to lower it.

He suddenly had a very strong feeling, that if he had done that, something bad would have happened to him.

“Sure.” Jun Wu Yao did not reject Fan Jin, and agreed readily to Fan Jin’s arrangements.

Fan Jin proceeded to happily bring Jun Wu Yao to check out the kitchen.

In helplessness, Jun Wu Xie sat down on the chair, while on the other side, Fan Zhuo was laughing uncontrollably.

“Personal attendant? Haha, only my dense brother will believe a word of it. Where is that guy from? Don’t tell me that he is just an attendant, I was able to sense his overly imposing aura. Although his attitude towards you was suitably amiable towards you, but those eyes that despised and held in contempt everything under the Heavens was impossible to conceal.” As clever as Fan Zhuo was, he did not believe a single word Jun Wu Yao had said earlier.

Jun Wu Xie’s expression turned a little strange. She struggled silently a long while before she muttered: “Elder brother.”

Fan Zhuo was surprised.

“He is your elder brother?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded. With Fan Zhuo’s quick witted mind, even if she did not say anything, he would be able to guess the gist of it as time went by.

Moreover, what filled Jun Wu Xie’s mind at that moment was what Jun Wu Yao had agreed to do earlier.

A personal attendant’s tasks….. Would it really be alright?

“The two of you….. don’t really look alike at all.” Fan Zhuo said as he surveyed Jun Wu Xie. Jun Xie had delicate features, but he wouldn’t be considered handsome.

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